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In honor of Beth’s 30th birthday we just wanted to remind her of we loved having her around the last 30 years.  Here’s a little bit from your closest friends and family:

Beth (not Beeper)- Congrats on turning 30! I look forward to more Stars, Rangers & Aggie games, sake bombs, Jurassic Park watchings, BYOB Thai & Greek places and our standard Thursday nights. Keep on truckin! Love, Brent

photo (58)

Thirty years of memories: thankful God knew best our family expansion should not stop without Elizabeth Anne . . . that He wanted there to be “Beth”; destiny . . . a lady of many nicknames: “Beeper” . . . the giving of that nickname . . . youngest of the cousins . . . “The Beep” . . . precious drawings, especially the one of the person with king things in her hair . . . dress-up times with big sister  . . . “Wumpus McDougal” – where did that one come from? . . . at 5 years old sitting on a cooler in the kitchen at the farm asking “Mommy, how does Jesus come live in my heart?” . . . “Beeper Sue” . . . The threesome: Granny, Beeper and Lauren – poor Lauren, no nickname! . . .  softball – so focused and intent; awesome first baseman . . . Sky Ranch with Scott, almost not . . . “Beepster” . . .The blessing of being/having siblings . . . Wilderness with Kate . . . “If ever I win a certain award/honor I want it to be for having compassion – He answered . . . times of worship . . . brief time wanting no nicknames L . . . “Dizzy Daisy” . . . Fish Camp Director – ER survival . . . a beautiful bride gifted with a very good man for a husband . . . the Wonderful , Amazing bridesmaids/friends . . . an “Esther” . . . and now so many more memories to come . . . I am a blessed mom . . . love you much, “Elizabeth Annie” . . . oh, how many nicknames did I leave out, “Squeaky Beepy”? How many are yet to be added? . . .

Love you, Mom

Beth & Mom

When I think of Beth, I always laugh because she will tell people that we didn’t get along when we were younger. I think this is probably because I was the uncool younger cousin, and until my brother came along, I stole the thunder as the youngest cousin on the Lynch side of the family. I think this all changed when we decided we were going to be cousin/friends because we’re not just cousins, but we’re friends too. Cousins nor friends teach you to drive a car with your knees, only cousin/friends do that (I hope my mom didn’t read this). Beth has always been a great cousin/friend… even one time driving from College Station to Austin just to pick me up to go to dinner with her and her dad. I can’t imagine anyone else who I would want to be my cousin/friend! Happy birthday!

Beth & Chase

Happiest Birthday Seester!  I have been blessed to have a younger sister that is also a best friend.  We may not see each other every day now, but I don’t feel like we ever skip a beat.  I can’t believe my little sister is finally 30!  I promise Beeper,  it isn’t that bad. I can’t wait for 30 more years of traveling, family gatherings, wine drinking and fun.  I wonder if everyone will still think you’re my older sister now?  Love you; mean it!


Beth & I

Since Wesley & Easton aren’t quite old enough to write out their own message they wanted to make you a video:

Happy Birthday EA.  I took 30 pretty tough so as a way of saving you the Google crying session I figured I would tell you things you should not Google when turning 30.

1.      What happens to your body when you turn 30

2.      30 things everyone should do by 30

3.      Is there really a biological clock and when does it start ticking?

4.      Am I allowed to still act like I am 20 when I am 30?

5.      Do you suddenly become and old person when you turn 30?

6.      Can I still buy clothes in the Jr’s section?

7.      How do you stop the wrinkles?

There. You’re welcome. I promise you don’t want to know the answer to any of that. Happy Birthday Beth. Live it up and I can’t wait to see what the next 30 brings. Hopefully more miles, more laughs, more wine, and more friendship!

Love you to my favorite running buddy and friend, Teal

photo (59)

photo (60)

Happy Birthday Beth Lynch Holland.   As the years pass by and we grow older our memory starts to falter I will always be there for you when you “lose” your car in a parking garage.  So happy that you have been in my life the last 10 years.  Can’t wait to see where the next 10, 20, 30 years leads us and the fun adventures we will have.  Let’s never forget the best lesson we ever learned in college from a very wise woman in the bathroom of a bar, “sometimes you just got to sh*t it out :-)”

Love you! Mandy

Beth & Mandy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! I am so blessed to have you as a best friend, and I wanted the blogosphere to get a sneak peek at just a FEW of the pictures of some of our fun times together! Enjoy your 10,950th day of life, and just remember how hard I resisted using the song “Friends Are Friends Forever” by MWS. You’re welcome. Here’s to many, many more memories. LOVE YOU.



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We are so fortunate these days with how readily available information is to us especially with blogs! From our own blog posts about the times we’ve done the Advocare cleanse to providing you with healthy recipes we think y’all know we are always on the look out for doing what’s best for our bodies.  Blogging, twitter and instagram have all played an awesome part in connecting our blog with other bloggers and finding food bloggers that share delicious and healthy recipes.  Delicious and healthy recipes that we love! So we wanted to periodically share some of the foods we find elsewhere and are constantly making at home with you!  So without further ado let’s really get to what this post is all about:

Fit Foodie Sam – Wonton Tacos: These are delicious and a fun twist to turkey taco meat!  This dish has become a regular at our house and they are easy to put together and don’t take long to bake at all.  I’ve also heard Sam has done a pizza spin on this recipe as well, which will be tried soon!


Peas & Crayons – Confetti Pasta Salad: If you are look for a dish to bring to your next potluck, to a pool party, to a 4th of July party or if you happen to already be looking for dishes for Labor Day Weekend – look no farther!  This is your dish!  I have made Jenn’s dish multiple times in the past couple of months and have heard nothing but good things from everyone who has gotten to have a serving!

Happy Friday! And happy cooking! 🙂

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Butter in your coffee huh? Sounds gross, right? That is what we thought and really it just reminds us of that Friend’s episode when Ross was going to drink the fat for Rachel because she was mad at him! Anyone remember that?

bulletproof coffee 1


Basically this idea of “drinking the fat” is up in the fitness world and really big with those who try to intermittently fast. Not sure what that is? Go here.

Although neither of us actually fast, we do understand the need for good fats in your body. Good fat is OK and is nothing to be afraid of and many of us do not get enough good clean fat. Plenty of us get the crappy stuff, especially those that might go through the drive through window, but for those of us that eat clean and eat our veggies it is good to have a wide range of good fats.  Just one of the ways you are getting good fat through Bulletproof coffee is by incorporating Kerrygold grass-fed butter.

You may know that good fats can come from multiple sources like cold water fish, plant oils, nuts, seeds and avocados.  Bulletproof coffee is another way to get those good fats in your system as well as actually put in good coffee. We have definitely had our fair share of coffee but Bulletproof is different.  Bulletproof claims to be the “cleanest” coffee in the world and has been cleared of toxins that often give people the caffeine jitters or the crash later on.

This website has tons of information about the effects of Bulletproof coffee and just exactly how it works. You can even find the recipe here as well as how to make this coffee. You should definitely check it out! We buy the big pack of coffee because it ends up saving tons of money. Plus he usually sends a coupon for a second order!

Also the recipe calls for MCT oil or coconut oil. We have tried both! We really like the pure MCT from the website and will add a dash of their pure vanilla. It’s a dried form of vanilla but mixed with the coffee it is reeally good, very vanilla latte like.

Reading all kinds of iiinteresting things about food and learning more about what we put into our bodies!

or you know if you can’t find Kerrygold butter this was our alternative at Sprouts

Advice: We try not to look at it. It definitely does not look gross but we have all had science class and know that oil and water do not mix. It will start to separate and kind of looks greasy! But have no fear – it’s fine!

Also, if you have a small blender we recommending using  that to make the coffee more frothy like. It’s much better that way and allows for everything to mix in perfectly!  Additionally you’ll want to use a glass blender to do the blending as you will be blending a very hot liquid.

Bulletproof coffee!

Ta da!

bulletproof coffee 2


Are you already drinking Bulletproof Coffee? Or do you just think we are crazy for drinking it? 🙂

Note: We are not getting paid to write this review rather we both drink this coffee, dig it and wanted the world to know!

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It’s been three months today since we ran this half. Ha! Talk about being behind BIG time!  The only reason we even found out about this race was because of our fellow NTX Runner, Brian, who’d notified the internets that – Hey! This half is only $25 for a limited time! Get your registration on! We are pretty sure those were his exact words.

We figured $25?!  In Houston and it’s over six months away we got time to figure this out!  One of us (take your guess who) immediately began to peer pressure Beth’s cousin Chase into also registering.  Upon the completion of his registration we then called dibs on the couch and floor space in his apartment so that we might have a place to stay that weekend. 🙂 Thanks again for that, Chase!

Honestly, the Friday night portion of this weekend has been blocked out in the past three months. 🙂  Saturday morning we got up to go to packet pickup and then secure some warm clothes to wear pre-race and ditch once the race started.  One of us had the brilliant idea of getting robes!  Turns out this was genius as they cover an even greater portion of your body with just one piece and with just a strap keeping it closed super easy to ditch while running.


Pretty much the rest of Saturday was spent doing really random things or eating. 🙂  We hit up the near by Bed Bath & Beyond for some shopping.  We met Brian, his wife and sweet daughter for dinner.  We  in detail reviewed the hand drawn course map and longest list of course rules any of us had ever seen! We were pleased to discover there was a loop set up that each runner would cover twice and make up the majority of the course, so we would all be able to see each other!


pre-race car photo op


LiAR and Brian

Neither one of us had been keeping up with our running very much after Louisiana Marathon, so the main goal for the day was to finish!  One of Beth & Brent’s friends, Taylor, who is from the Houston area who also got in on the sweet $25 registration price and was out there for the race. We found him before the start and got to catch up before we went out to face the cold.


Taylor & Beth

Ultimately, we accomplished our only goal for the day – survive!  Teal & Chase ran the whole half together, but like we said all early we ended up getting to see each other out on the course several times even speedy Brian.  One of Teal’s favorite volunteers was a high school kid out on the loop standing by one of the mile markers and see since it was the loop portion of the course sometimes you’d see a mile marker that you weren’t really at yet because you’d only just begun loop 1, so this kid used a sheet of notebook paper to cover up the 7 on the mile marker sign since it was also mile 3.5ish.  In place of the number 7 was in the kid’s handwriting “3.5ish”. So funny and so sweet to look out for the runners and not discourage them early on in the race!


Another successful half marathon completed for LiAR, and put us at half marathon no. 17!!

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