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We both took off Friday from work, woke up bright & early to get our pack on before we headed to the airport.  When we were booking our flights we KEPT seeing that flights were cheaper into Tampa than into Orlando which we discovered was perfect because we could go to the beach!!!

We boarded our plane and literally talked to each other non stop for the 2ish hour flight.  Once we got off the plane and got our bags on the advice of our friend Robbie, we headed off to Clearwater Beach!

It was actually pretty chilly out at the beach, so we didn’t last that long out there.  We ate dinner at Frenchy’s South Beach Cafe which was pretty much across the street from the part of the beach we had settled down on, so we had a beautiful view at dinner.  After that we figured it was time to make the drive to Orlando, which wasn’t too bad we both were just really tired.  After getting checked in we pretty much got in our beds with our books and read until we fell asleep. We had to make sure the sleep two nights before the race was decent as we knew there was a good chance the night before would not be!

Saturday morning we woke up, read, and worked on our Fab Ab Feb goal before we headed down to the hotel gym to get in a few miles on the treadmill. We showered and off we went to try a restaurant that was new to us – Cafe Tu Tu Tango.

While Beth drank her Matisse Margarita and Teal drank her Michelangelo Mojito, we decide to claim carb loading with our meal selections. Ha, this is a tapas restaurant so we shared everything which meant the White Bean, Sun Dried Tomato& Artichoke Spread, Cajun Chicken Egg Rolls, Prosciutto & Mango Flatbread, Langostino Mac & Cheese and Oriental Marinated Steak Skewers. It was all dee-licious!  After lunch it was off to Wide World of Sports Complex to hit up the expo and get our bibs!

We didn’t stay too terribly long at the expo, but we both made sure to pick up a couple things of Nuun [grape for Teal & tri-berry for Beth]. How can you beat the price of $5 a tube?  Yah, exactly.  Beth got herself some new TOMS 🙂  We met Heidi & Brian for dinner at Portobello in Downtown Disney.  Those two weren’t lying when they said that place was gooood!  We may or may not have hit up Ghirardelli after dinner for a treat before checking out the largest Disney store ever and people watching.

We called it a night pretty early as we all had to get back to our hotels and clearly we had a race to run the next day which you read allll about yesterday!

After the race was over we found ourselves an Einstein’s and got bagels, went back to the hotel and began being lazy for a little bit.  Beth started tweet talking with some friends about how we reeeally wanted to go see Harry Potter World.  One of the ladies had been before and told us to quit dilly dallying as Harry Potter fans are crazy and the park would be crazy! How does she know this? Because she’s one of those people! Her words! Ha.  So @lastgoodnerve thanks for the push to go!  We bought tickets to Islands of Adventure at Universal in our hotel lobby and made our way there.  Harry Potter here we come!

We got in the park and we could see it!


This is the part of the blog were you get an excessive amount of pictures so, um, ENJOY!  What you see as you walk up to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter …can you spot Teal in the picture?

the sign says "Please Respect the Spell Limits"

We were in HEAVEN for real! Our first stop was at the Hogwarts Express and we had our picture taken with the conductor. He was so fun!  He thanked us for coming from the country of Texas to visit him. 🙂

At this point we hadn’t had lunch so we were anxious to eat some sort of food so off we went to Three Broomsticks for a feast of roasted chicken, potatoes and corn.  Then we went to checkout Zonko’s and Honeyduke’s!

At this point it actually started to rain a little bit so we took that as an opportunity to go into Hog’s Head and try Butterbeer for the first time.  We opted for sharing one instead of us both getting one and not finishing them….yah, we didn’t even finish the one we were sharing.  It was good, different, but good!

Teal buying the Butterbeer in Hog's Head

Then we made our way up to Hogwart’s itself!  If we are being honest neither one of us is really that big on rides, but we went ahead and rode the Harry Potter and the Forbbiden Journey ride. Which is where we got to see the sorting hat while we were in line for the ride!  We should also take a break to mention that there is a bathroom that has Moaning Myrtle in it…..loved how much they put into this place!  Don’t worry we both made sure to check into Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom on Foursquare. 🙂

We walked around in Dervish and Banges and the Owl Post.  We looked pretty much at anything and everything we could while we were there.  Since we weren’t willing to shell out $100 each for a cape we decided to trythem on and simply having our picture taken in them. 🙂

The ticket price into the park was totally worth it to both of us solely so we could see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  It was awesome and something we’ll always remember, BUT since there were technically some other parts of the park we decided to explore them too.  We had our pictures taken with character’s in Seuss Landing.

We checked out Jurassic Park.  Beth was excited about this because Jurassic Park is one of those movies for her fiance that when it is on TV he has to watch it which means she watches it or at least bits and pieces a lot.

run for your liiiife!

We walked through Marvel Super Hero Island just as Wolverine, Captain America, Spiderman, Storm & Rogue were making their grand entrance. We made our way through the Lost Continent, but didn’t really do much there. We did stop for a cheesy photo opp in Toon Town and sent pictures to the boys at home. 🙂

And then we found Popeye and Olive Oil!

We spent a little over four hours walking around Universal’s Islands of Adventure and by that time we’d seen pretty much everything.  Our legs and feet were killing us.  Yah, for the walking back to the car part of getting out of there.  We opted to order room service because we just didn’t want to be getting in and out of the car.  Thanks Zest restaurant at Sheraton Safari for having delish food for us to eat while we chit chatted, watched the Oscars, tweeted, and read.  We like to multi-task!  The next morning we read some more, packed up our suitcases and got on the road to Tampa.

We prepaid for gas when we got our rent car and we were bound and determined to use up that tank!  Hope they were able to drive our little Ford Focus to their gas pumps because it was seriously teetering a fine line of being completely out of gas. We are awwesome!  We checked into our flights and were kind of freaking out that our boarding passes printed out with no assigned seats – uhh, did you overbook and we aren’t going to really be on this flight??  All was fine until we got on the flight and had lots of turbulence.  Pretty sure we’ve mentioned it before but we had a bad flight together in 2006 that Beth has blocked out and Teal remembers very clearly hitting a patch of dead air and a drop.  Needless to say Teal has reservations with every plane ride, but she handled the turbulence on this flight like a champ!  We got back to Dallas and were ready to get our butts home except for when we got to Teal’s car it was uhhh, dead.  Thank you Airport Support for coming to our rescue and giving us a jump!  It really was a wonderful weekend full of so much fun stuff!


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Our alarm clock went off at 3:00 a.m.! Holy cow, Disney! We get it – you want everyone to get through and out of your parks before they open, but that is one early wake up call for a 5:45 a.m. race not to mention you HAD to be in your corral by 5:00 a.m. or ELSE! Ha (Guess who wasn’t in their corral by 5:00 a.m.??) We got dressed in our princess costumes and were out the door of Sheraton Safari by 3:40 a.m. ready to face race traffic.  Pretty sure we in the car for an hour which gave us time to make peanut butter sandwiches to keep us fueled.

Yummy - peanut butter sandwiches made with Beth's finger! Ha

Once we parked we had a good 20 minute walk to our corral, so we decided to not stop to use the rest room because it was slight madness. Plus we were running late at this point to get into the corral on time.  When we got to the corral area we knew that Heidi was in corral B so we began looking for her just knowing we would see her at the front of that corral.  Good thing we started looking early because there were Heidi & Brian at the front of corral C. Apparently if you are a Prince running this race you can’t go any higher up than corral C.

such a colorful picture!

We are not quite sure how it happened but we both were assigned the same corral for like the first time EVER and we were in corral A! It was awesome to be up front in a line of 20,000 people!

see how close we were to the start line?

We started right on time! Way to go Disney and since we had made getting to our corral a priority over anything else we both decided to make an immediate stop at the first port-o-potties we spotted on the course!  The whole first of half of the race flew by so it’s hard to remember everything by miles totally.  Our plan was to run together, treat it as a training run and take pictures with characters when we wanted to do so.  The competitive side to both of us still lives on a bit in that we still wanted a decent time despite the stops, but again we were fortunate to be in corral A because this gave us the advantage of being in front of thousands of people who would want to stop as well.  We did stop at the first group of characters that we saw….

We loved how real looking the step sisters and Cruella Deville were!

Cinderella's Castle was the half way point of the race

The volunteers out there were awesome!!  We didn’t even have to ask someone to take that picture, the volunteer noticed us stop and she just came up to us and asked if she could take the picture for us!

We really didn’t have a plan at who to stop at or what we wanted to do we just knew that we wanted to see our princesses! We ended up stopping at Buzz Lightyear who of course is a favorite not only to us but our little nephews!   As you will find out through our pictures it’s a good thing we stopped because Princess Ariel ended up not being on the course! 😦

the other side of Cinderella's castle

Somewhere in the mile 7 part of the course we found Beth’s character – Belle!  Wonder what all the characters came up with to say to people as they were having their picture taken because Belle said to Beth “it looks like you’ve been in my closet!”

Speaking of mile markers! We loved the signs for each mile!  At mile 8 we finally snapped a picture of one:

There were a couple of hills in the last few miles and thanks to one of the toy soldiers from Toy Story for the encouragement to conquer the hill in  mile 10.  It was amazing how his voice was exactly like the movie!  We’ve said before we aren’t really big on stopping and starting on a run which is completely a personal preference we both share.  The picture breaks were hard on our bodies, but we pressed on despite that.  In hindsight it might have been a blessing in disguise that Ariel was not seen out there because our last stop at Belle was rough!  Our bodies might have been hurting but  with the kick we gave it at the end you never would have known!  If you look at our runkeeper entries for this race Teal finished her last .1 in a 6:20 pace and Beth finished in her last .1 in a 8:03 pace.  Perhaps this speaks to how it’s hard to have a GPS device be completely accurate as we crossed the finish line right next to each other.  A more accurate pace would probably be an average of the two times something more in the 7 minute range.  We were hauling!  We are really good at keep training runs JUST training runs. 🙂

Half Marathon number eight is in the bag!  We did and our very proud of ourselves!  Our official time was 2:13:35 exactly for both of us, and we tried to stop and start our runkeeper when would take picture breaks because we wanted to know the difference :), so that time was 2:03:49.  By the time we were finished both of us had A LOT of our fuel for the race leftover – swedish fish.  Once Teal got some ice on her foot and knee and Beth put biofreeze on her knees and calves we grabbed our checked bag and were out of there to find food. We were staaaarving!

Isn't it purdy?

So now we have 1/2 of the Coast to Coast challenge finished and just need to complete Disneyland Half Marathon in September which we thankfully got signed up in time as it was sold out before we left for the Princess Half!  Check back with us tomorrow to see what all we did in the non racing parts of the weekend! 🙂

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Florida Bound!

We are leaving for the great state of….

Which will push our grand total of states we have raced into THREE by the time the weekend is over! Ha. 1. Texas 2. California 3. Florida

A lot of the races we ran in 2011 we had clear goals we wanted to accomplish, but for the Princess Half we have a handful of goals:

1. complete this race so that race 1 of 2 is done to earn the Coast to Coast medal

2. treat this as a training run

3. stay together and have our picture taken together out there on the course

4. have fun!

We have some other fun stuff planned for while we are there and we’ll tell you ALL about it next week! 🙂 See you Monday!

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So we love all things #runchat which means we HAD to participate in their blog challenge to list 10 things we love about running keeping in mind if we were never going to run again.

1.  All the fun gear – shoes, jackets, socks you know….ALL of it! 🙂

2. FRUNNERS!!! [we stole this term from our Dallas area running friends] We have met so many people since we started blogging and our twitter account. We are SO thankful to them for the advice, support, encouragement, motivation and so much more!

(pictures courtesy of Mama C)

3.  Bling Bling!  Who doesn’t love being rewarded at the end of a race with shiny medal?  And who doesn’t love being reminded of the things they’ve accomplished by looking back at a shiny medal?

4.  Getting a break! Love being able to get out on the road and be free of the stresses and concerns of the day!  It’s so liberating to free your mind of all of that!

5.  Testing your limits and realizing you are a whole heck of a lot stronger than you even knew you were!

6.  That we each have a an awesome running buddy! 🙂

Running through Angels Stadium

7.  Those mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed and run because you just don’t feel like, and then you go anyways and the run is freakin’ fantastic!

8.  Feeling healthy on a daily basis because we are active and watch what we eat so that we can be better runs.

9. Travel to races!  While we have only left the great state of Texas once so far for a race we LOVED having that opportunity to travel to California and experience new things there as well as a new course.  At the end of this month our racing will take us to Florida, and we are looking into other states for our next marathon!  There are plenty of races in cities that we might not experience or we might just experience in a new way because we came there to run!

10.  Eating!  There are so many calories and so many food items we would have to cut back on if we just flat out stopped running.  We aren’t talking we run and then go eat the greasiest hamburger and largest order of fries ever, but there are a lot of foods we get to partake in because we are so active with running!

As a side note it was fun seeing our picture on the #runchat website this morning!

Did we leave out something that is key to your running?  Let us know – we want to hear what you love about running!

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We woke up yesterday morning and it was 28 degrees in Dallas. Brrrr!! Just a week and a half ago we were both getting in a run separately in what seemed like spring time weather – 70ish degrees.  Texas you are so fickle with your weather! Then last night there were snow flurries in different parts of the metroplex – snow flurries!

Ever since we spent four plus hours out in the cold and rain running our first ever marathon neither one of us has been super excited about going out and running in the cold.  Have you noticed a lot of treadmill runs out of us lately?  Of course we did go run the New Year’s Double races in colder temperatures, but it was racing that got us out of bed for that one.  Getting out of bed and running by ourselves in the cold – no way, Jose!

Back to yesterday morning – We were lucky to be able to have breakfast with our friend Rebekah who tagged along with her husband on his work weekend. So we got to spend time with Rebekah and baby Eliza again!

At breakfast we both said “I am NOT running outside today. TOO COLD.” And then basically discussed how we would work our time in on the dreadmill. Yuck! We left there intending to do treadmill runs. I am pretty sure we both got home and said – “Seriously?? Buck up!” Apparently we both decided to brave the cold at the same time and both reached for our phones to text the other –

B: I think I might brave the cold for hills and then run later tonight at the gym.

T: Haha, I literally picked up the phone to tell you the same!  I’m going to try and get 8? Hope I don’t freeze

Teal headed out for her 8 mile run dressed for snow!

She continues to have serious issues with being cold. For Christmas her mom had bought her Under Armour water proof gloves which very much remind her of the infamous OJ Simpson gloves, but who cares? They are super thick! Slapped those on, found her ear covers and had two shirt layers on as well as a jacket. Mind you it’s now about 40 degrees outside but whatever!

Thank god we don’t live anywhere further north. Teal’s 8 miles went very well. Ran a pretty hilly course at a fairly slow pace and felt great. Her foot, in case you were curious is doing much better!  It still reminds her that it is hurt in runs but is making great progress. Along with the foot Teal thinks that her post-marathon cold trauma is fading!  Well maybe…

Here is a picture of the course Teal ran –

Beth had not done her hill workout for the week or her long run so she decided Sunday would be a double run day.  Seeing as it was in the low 40’s that meant she should dress like it was in the low 60’s, so she figured it would be a good time to take her new lululemon shorts for a spin to test them out for the Princess Half.  And for good measure threw on a hat to keep warm!

As of late when Beth does hills she tries to get a little mileage in, the hills, and then some additional mileage and that’s exactly how today went.  A little over a mile out, ran the hill 10 times, and not quite 2.5 miles to finish it up for a 5.17 mile run.

We did it! We ran outside again and might not be so terrified of the low temperatures anymore!  Call us wimps all you like….but we live in Texas and have for pretty much forever!  We don’t know truly cold weather.

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1. Two weeks from today we leave for Florida for the Princess Half.  Tired of this countdown yet? 🙂

2. Beth did her first ever tempo run on the treadmill Wednesday night. Check it out:

3.  Unfortunately Teal isn’t going to be able to do the Hot Chocolate Run on Saturday. 😦

4. Because she’ll be busy taking her certification test for counseling!  Yah, another big thing with grad school that will be out of the way!

5.  Disneyland Half – we are officially REGISTERED!  Coast to Coast medal we are coming for you!


6.1 Last night Teal participated in her first ever social run at Luke’s Locker!  Got in 4 miles with the group and can’t wait to go again!

6.2 Last but NOT least! Beth finalized all of her Bridesmaids by asking her longest friend in life this past weekend over dinner!  They’ve known each other since they were 6 years old.

What was a highlight to your week – running or non-running related?

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