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It seems like for the first time in a looong time we had a completely race-less month! We have had a couple times where one of us made a race without the other, but August 2013 was completely race-less for both of us!

But it worked out for us and was in hindsight just what we needed. Also, yes, we know y’all are tired of hearing us say we are busy.  We are too and really who isn’t?! And let’s just go ahead and stop with the glorifying of that word. Many of y’all might not know that Teal took a new job and is back to the world of middle school and this time as a counselor! So if you were tracking her professional timeline it would be 5 years as a middle school teacher, 1 year as a high school counselor and now the new gig back in middle school.

09042013 1

In Beth’s family everyone was born in August. OK, not really but it sure feels like it. 🙂 It starts with celebrating her Mom’s birthday (hi, Fancy Nancy!), moves into an August birthday celebration that includes her uncle, aunt, sister and husband and ends with at least some sort of friend celebration for sister (Kate) and husband (Brent). Since those last two are just two days apart in birth days it makes it that much more fun (challenging)!

Kate's Surprise Birthday Party

Kate’s surprise Birthday party was a success!

Teal & Michael got Brent this awesome Aggie Yell Leader Barbie as a Birthday present. Best Birthday present ever!


Thankfully, we’ve still had time to de-stress with running! We’ve put in a lot of hill work in the month of August with our fellow NTX Runners.  Actually that statement is true for pretty much the entire summer!

hills 3

We’ve also added to our fall racing calendar with a not so surprising registration for Dallas Marathon!  It is our halfiversary race!  This year will be the 4th year we’ve participated in some form of this race (half or marathon).

So, anyway, we survived race-less August, we’ve been doing our training for Dallas, but now that it’s September bring on the next race!

What have YOU been up to? 🙂


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Recently we have been reading a ton of stuff about food and just exactly what is in it and frankly we find most of it downright SCARY.  We didn’t really understand the full extent of the issue and the more we read the more we have realized we have to make a change ourselves, and try to not put crap and other fake food products into our bodies. Now we definitely are not over here thinking we are the picture of perfection when it comes to eating. We definitely eat things we shouldn’t (ahem, goldfish for example) and we know we shouldn’t but we have recently decided we would make a HUGE effort to reduce the crap in our life and really get more educated about what we are eating. You are what you eat right? We don’t want to be fake!

This is really unfortunately harder than it seems because everything it is HOLY CONFUSING or we have been tricked or even worse, had information withheld from us! We are not scientists and we don’t really understand the truth behind things like soy protein isolate, BHA, Potassium Benzoate… We have no clue what they really are or at least we didn’t before. We also found out that the FDA does some awesome trickery and says that some things are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) GENERALLY?!? Really, does that mean sometimes it’s not? Who is going to tell us this?

We kind of enter a little freak out mode sometimes when it comes to thinking about all of it. It seems overwhelming. How in the world will we ever remember all the things we should know and avoid? We have used the trick that many say “Look for as few ingredients as possible and make sure you can pronounce all the words.” We think that that works most of the time but then enter Genetically Modified Foods, which P.S. they don’t tell you about the majority of the time.  GMO’s can be hidden in even the simplest of words making it easy to fail that “short as possible, readable words trick.” Overwhelming right?? We think so.

photo 32

Enter our saving grace. We recently found the app FOODUCATE, which is downloadable for free on your smart phone. It is very easy to use and super convenient at the grocery store. On one of our recent road trip weekends we scanned EVERYTHING with a label in the car just so see how it worked and we loved it! You can find either one of us often on a trip to the grocery store scanning away! You can also visit Fooducate online and sign up there!

Here is what it looks like:

photo (14)

Once you are in the store you just press scan and hold your phone over the barcode label. It searches its data base and immediately gives your food a score. HINT: Make sure when you set up your account that you ask it to tell you if a product has GMO’s.

You will get a screen like this with what is in your food that you should avoid.

photo (13)

Once you see that you can decide if it is good or bad for you and if it is bad it will even give you alternatives to try. And as you can see from the picture above there’s a “fun facts” part where they actually give  you random tidbits about food.

photo (15)

BONUS! Remember how we told you it’s all confusing and we can’t keep track of how everything is made or produced or what it actually means. Fooducate lives up to its name and actually educates you as to exactly why to avoid that food.

We thought that we would pass this along because it is one of the easiest ways we have seen to help keep us informed and hopefully healthy.

What are some of your favorite food or exercise apps?? We would love to hear about them. And P.S. we are not being paid by Fooducate we just seriously LOVE it!!

get fooducated

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Howdy, y’all! 🙂  We have a lot of stuff we have yet to share with you on our little bloggy blog and need to get on top of that!  But since it’s Friday (HAPPY FRIDAY!!) we figured we would give you a more picture and less words post.  If you follow us on instagram though chances are you’ve seen some of these pictures before.

life and times of liar 2

We’ve still been running!

life and times of liar 3

more running just this time in Houston!

Reading all kinds of iiinteresting things about food and learning more about what we put into our bodies!

Reading all kinds of iiinteresting things about food and learning more about what we put into our bodies!


Sunday Fundays!

Sunday Fundays!


Bulletproof coffee!

Bulletproof coffee!

Spring Break!

Spring Break!


Getting ready for the annual St. Paddy's Day parade on Greenville here in Dallas!

Getting ready for the annual St. Paddy’s Day parade on Greenville Avenue here in Dallas! You can find us on this float!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun St. Paddy’s Day weekend! Good luck to all of you racing! 🙂

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We never did show you the other parts of our Louisiana Marathon weekend did we? [Which by the way we heard registration for 2014 opens tomorrow!] Here it is even thought it was now over a month ago! 🙂

because mustaches are fun!

because mustaches are fun!

at the suggestion of our friend we hit up Mike Anderson's for our pre-race dinner

at the suggestion of our friend we hit up Mike Anderson’s for our pre-race dinner


Then we both survived our races, had some tasty pizza Schlittz & Giggles before we drove down to New Orleans for the rest of the trip.


we had hand grenades

then we saw a hand grenade

then we saw a hand grenade

where we dined Sunday night in NOLA

where we dined Sunday night in NOLA

fun on Bourbon Street!

fun on Bourbon Street!

And then we all went to bed.  We woke up and had breakfast at Mother’s before hitting the road for our 8 hour drive back to Dallas! Shout out to Michael for providing some entertainment for the car ride! Hannibal Buress and his jokes made the time fly except for the parts where we ran out of Hannibal Buress jokes to listen to! 🙂

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the la marathon 9.25.12

Well folks its time!! Louisiana Marathon time!! As you might have seen yesterday we are super excited to go, I mean heck, we have 26.2 reasons. Do you need more proof?? Yea we didn’t think so.

This time around will be a little different. We are not running this entire thing together, Beth will carry on for the full and Teal will run the half. A super tough decision but ultimately the right one! Now this is not totally what we had planned on so we are doing this one a little different. We decided that we will each make race signs for each other and keep them super secret until the day of! It’s actually kind of funny because both of us had this idea individually and then it just came out so we decided to make it a surprise! Fun, right?? So guess they will also be surprise for YOU! Stay tuned…


We will set out eeeearly Saturday morning and make our trek to Baton Rouge via a road trip with our husbands. Whoa that is weird to say…we both have them now! We will make the stop at the expo, of course, and then head to dinner and bed! Duh, really what else is there to do the night before a race?  If you know something better we are totally up for suggestions!

As far as goals go, we, as usual want to run smart before anything else. Smart and safe! We don’t think this will turn out anything like the White Rock Marathon but if Mother Nature just so happens to be a biotch Sunday, we know what to do.  We are excited about this course because there is actually A LOT of it together. PLUS, for the second 13.1 we will easily be able to find Beth multiple times in that the race loops back around at some pretty hard miles. 15 and 16 turn into 21 and 22. Good job there race director, we like the way you think about the spectators too! The half marathon doesn’t split away from the full until about 10.5 meaning we can run with each other for that long. Our plan, well as of now is to stay together for that part and Teal will stay with Beth and almost pace her a little slower then she might just go normally (not slower per se but just at a steady  pace that’s not like “oh here I’m just gonna run my normal half pace”) hope that makes sense. This will hopefully help maintain energy throughout the race and avoid the ever scary problem of going out too fast due to adrenaline. We think this will be helpful but who the heck knows?? I think we both have mentioned to each other throughout this that the Marathon is a CRAZY BEAST. So even the best laid plans fail sometimes but we have super high hopes that this will be great!

Hopefully the fact that our signs are a secret will keep our minds busy and watching for what is to come and the time and miles will pass by super fast! This could totally work right?? RIGHT!!

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Hi, there! Do you remember us?! We kind of went a little MIA for the holidays, well, as far as blogging goes. Ok, we were also kind of MIA on our twitter account too. Oopsies?

Sometimes you just need a break to recharge though right?!

Pretty much since our last couple of blog posts we have done A LOT of things. We kicked off the holidays that next week with a frunners party at the Luebs!

01072013 4

It’s a joke…just know we are fun people! Promise!


Heidi, the Hostess with the Mostest!

Heidi, the Hostess with the Mostest!

Ninja hijacked the LiAR instagram

Ninja hijacked the LiAR instagram

Then we were able to celebrate this cutie patooties 1st Birthday at her Grandparent’s house.  We take any and every opportunity we can to see her mom & dad….and, obviously, Miss Eliza as well.  Isn’t she just SO cute?

01072013 2


We of course celebrated Christmas with our families, and we each have little kids in our family so there are never dull moments!

Beth & her nephew Christmas Eve

Beth & her nephew Christmas Eve


And you thought Teal was tall? Check out how much taller her bros are than her!

And you thought Teal was tall? Check out how much taller her bros are than her!

For those of you reading this blog that are NOT from Dallas and/or did not spend your Christmas in Dallas – we got SNOW! ON Christmas Day!  It was pretty!

01072013 6


The day after Christmas Teal and her family participated in the 4th Annual Wynnwood Haven Memorial Walk.  Forty-five people came out despite the 20 degree temperature to participate in the walk that honors her Grandpa. How cool is that?

Wilson is ready to walk!

Wilson is ready to walk!


On the 30th we got in our last run of 2012 together at White Rock Lake.  And thankfully Teal & White Rock are starting to be friends again!  What are we talking about? Read this.

01072013 7

The two of us volunteered at New Years Double on day 1 of the race.  We put on as many layers as possible and hung out in the cold & rain. We actually ran this race last year (check that out here & here), and let us just tell you right now this race does NOT disappoint when it comes to bling!  You should definitely add it to your list of races if you are in DFW or if you are looking to race in the DFW area!

That's one impressive race medal!

That’s one impressive race medal!

You do have to run the race on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to get each of those medals that fits into the challenge plate! Such an awesome way to end your year and start a new year!

Our only picture together includes the awesome DK! Who PR'd her 5K!!

Our only picture together includes the awesome DK! Who PR’d her 5K!!


And then of course we did partake in the whole celebrating New Year’s Eve thing. Thanks to Bitner & Chaz for having us all over to your house!  It was a night of good friends, good food and some good ol’ card games.

Bitner, Su & Teal

Bitner, Su & Teal




Our dudes :)

Our dudes 🙂

So there you have it the end of our 2012. We have kept the fun alive so far in 2013 the proof is in this last Saturday’s activities which pretty much include day drinking and bowling.

01072013 14


01072013 15


The start of our 2013, and just where we’ve been since before Christmas. We hope that you all had a great holiday season with your family and that your new year has started off great!  And with this we are back to our regularly scheduled selves once again!  See you again soon. 🙂

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Remember that goal I set… have an awesome race, gain some confidence going into the marathon, and don’t need a PR, just a good race? Yea, that didn’t happen.  Then immediately you start to reflect. Why did it not go well? Maybe it was because I did 15 on Sunday, 3miles of speed work Tuesday, and 10 miles at marathon pace Wednesday, and 2 weight training days? So 28 miles right before a ½. Probably not the best idea.  Or, blame it on the weather? It was hot, humid, and gross. My chaffed sports bra lines can show you that for sure.  My legs ached the entire time, even hinging on cramping, especially around miles 7-9. Or maybe it is because this isn’t fun for me right now? I’m more or less running scared. I had a lot of issues last year,Plantar Fasciitis, I have very little cartilage in my knees (thank you dad, he doesn’t either), I have a random hip issue stemming from no cushioning in my bottom two vertebrates (like what happens to 70% of people over the age of 65, except I have it now). I know… I may sound like a whiney excuse maker, but it’s the reality of the situation. So I hope this doesn’t cause your eyes to roll at me. So really I’m not sure… but either way, I should be happier about finishing a ½ marathon than I am.  Boooooo hiss on this attitude but I can’t shake it!!

I have tried everything. EVERYTHING!! Rereading race stories of people, looking over my plan, making changes, looking at the shiny medal I would get at Louisiana Marathon, positive self-talk, negative talk, self-bribery, sarcasm, rest, breaks, I even at this point would pay someone to run next to me the entire time. Takers?? Anyone? Bueller… Bueller?

As of right now, I am NOT going to run the Louisiana Marathon. My heart has also never really been in this race, which to me makes it wayyyy harder. I have refused to let myself get excited (revert back to running scared, White Rock Marathon memories, pain, disappointment). I say this, but I have not gone as far as to change my race, or really even stop training. I have looked at a few other plans, more “finish” a marathon type plans, instead of what we have been doing, that have a few less miles.

The main huge issue is I just truly don’t think my body likes anything over 13.1 miles. I have just now started to feel those issues pop up that kind of remain bearable running under 13. Really half training is not bad on my body, but upper mileage just starts to cause everything to freak out. I’m still sore on Thursday from Sunday long runs. Everything hurts, and every remedy doesn’t work, ice baths, foam rolling, stretching, adult beverages… ha. Nothing. It just feels like crap. This doesn’t happen for a half. I mean it does but NOT to the same level, and it requires way fewer miles per week to run. Duh, half!   So I am not sure if it is “worth it.” I can do it, but what will I feel like after, what will my body do? Can it handle the rest of training and the run? Maybe I’ll just play it on feel? Can you train like that?? UGH!

I could run another marathon… and finish… I think. But I don’t know how fast, how happy, how painful/painless it will be, what damage will be done… etc? Am I supposed to drop to a half and not ever attempt the distance again to “save” my body/mind, so that I’ll actually keep running.

Am I a weenie?

Then to add further confusion to this madness. I am not a lone runner. I have a race buddy. A badass race buddy. I don’t want to not do it and her do it alone, train alone, be out there alone. Not that she wouldn’t be anyways… I’m slower (and ps I’ve known this forever, check out the about us page, so this is not it either) Don’t worry I have run that option through my mind as being a “mental” reason for this. It’s not.  But you get the point. Also that jealous streak sets in of “I’m so close to this person, and she can do it, and I don’t feel I can.” (race distance not speed) Ouch… but it’s true, and you all know what I am talking about. We are human. So yea… I don’t know what to do.

Do I just need to become a bike rider?

So there you have it. My sad whiney, god only knows what rant.

What would YOU do?

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