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If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen the picture below on Friday. If you don’t follow us on Instagram and you are in fact on there – go follow us! Right now!

Anyway, Courtney tagged us in a 5 Things About Us post on instagram and we thought we’d share that here with a little more detail.

1. Yes, Teal is married and Beth is engaged, but it’s ok to have a celebrity boyfriend on the side right?? One that we happen to both share?

2. You would really never know it since Teal straightens her hair all the time, but yes, she does in fact have curly hair! It’s not often that it’s in curly form and we actually had to go back to our beach trip in 2007 to find that picture.

3. We shop at the exact same clothing stores. We are not afraid to buy an article of clothing the other one has – clearly based on the above picture! This must mean we both have great taste! And we big time puffy heart Francesca’s!

4. Yep, we are! At any given moment we probably each have a bottle of nail polish on us or in our car. Ok, not actually when we are out on a run, but guarantee we both always have one bottle in our purse!

5. Could anyone be more obsessed with goldfish than the two of us? We don’t think so! Put a bag infront of us and it will NOT last!


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The two of us somehow, someway and thankfully so are very in sync with each other a lot.  Have you noticed that throughout our blogging journey so far?

Our passion for running, trying to live healthy lives and being so in tune with each other is probably what makes Life is a Run a team that isn’t likely to be divided!

So that’s all happy and everything is puppies and roses, right?  Well, the truth is we even tend to go through struggling times together.

I’d say right now we are in struggling times.  In all aspects of our lives? Nah. In the running aspect? Yes.

Here is where we could insert excuses, but we won’t do that because then we just think…….


So we are in a funk.  Both of us are not really getting in the weekly running we thought we would be. And there have been a number of times you could find us texting like this…..

or gchatting like this……

So our running lives right now equal Struggle City, Population: 2.

Reading this you might think, whatever you’ll get over it!  We think and hope we will, but what’s got us reeeeally freaking out is that we are 16 days away from our next half marathon.  Our first half marathon in almost 4 months!  The Hottest Half!  The heat at that race scares us and our lack of running scares us.

But we have each other to run with –  yah, for our team of two!!

What do you do when you are in funks?  Does the hot weather make it harder for you to get out of a funk?

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How many of you have already heard of Hungry Girl?  Well, we have too and have both been HG followers for six-ish years now!

We both own multiple HG cookbooks and sometimes when you find one of their recipes that’s de-lish you HAVE to spread the word.  The Hungry Girl created their own version of Chicken Cordon Bleu back in April of 2009 and I’ve made it a number of times it had just been awhile since the last time. 🙂   HG makes a lot of their recipes as a single serving in case you are the the solo healthy eater in your house or just cooking for one regularly, but they are normally quite easy to double, triple, etc.

The ingredients are pretty simple:

1. one 5oz. raw boneless skinless lean chicken breast (I just grabbed a whole package of chicken breasts since I was not eating alone this night)

2. one wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss cheese and let it get to room temperature (loooove this stuff!)

3. one oz. (about 3 slices) of 97-98% fat-free ham slices (in this case since I was making it for more than just me so I bought a slightly fancier ham instead of just your traditional sandwich meat varieties)

4. salt and pepper to taste

Start by preheating your oven to 350 degrees.

Once you’ve trimmed your chicken of any fat you’ll need to place it in a large sealable plastic bag and get as much of the air out as possible because next you gotta pound that meat to get it flat!  Pound it! Good way to get out some aggression if necessary! 🙂

Try and get the chicken to be about 1/4 of an inch thick.  Pretty positive I am a little too impatient for that, so at least give it some flatness! Then take the chicken out of the bag and beginning seasoning it to taste with your salt and pepper!  Grab your cheese wedge and spread that Laughing Cow Cheese over one side of your chicken like so…

This looks so appetizing right now, doesn’t it??

Please note you’ll want to spray your pan with a nonstick cooking spray or line it with foil before placing the chicken in the dish. 🙂

Next you’ll place your slices of ham on top of the side of the chicken you smeared with cheese, like so…

Roll up the chicken breast as tight as you can with the ham and cheese side on the inside of the roll.  It is probably easiest to then keep your chicken rolled up by securing it with a toothpick or two.

Cover your dish with foil and bake the chicken for 20 minutes.  With a hot pad or something else that will keep you from burning yourself remove the foil and let the chicken cook for another 15 minutes.  Then voila!  We decided to have whole grain couscous and broccoli with our chicken cordon bleu this time around!

Tasty looking, right?

Based upon the ingredients typed out above Hungry Girl has given the following nutritional data for their Chicken Cordon Bleu:

Sorry to our meat-less readers as this recipe is not really for you! :-/

Have you tried any Hungry Girl recipes before? What’s your go to HG recipe?

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As you might remember in our Throwback Thursday post a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that Beth’s bachelorette party was that weekend! It has taken Teal this long to recover and recoup so I figured now was the time to let you all in on the excitement of the weekend.

Beth’s sister Kate was pretty much the mastermind of this event. We started the weekend by checking in at the Belmont Hotel in the in the Bishops Arts district. This is an awesome newly renovated 1940’s boutique hotel! We highly recommend checking it out.

That night we decided to keep it low key, as to go all out Saturday. We headed to Tillman’s Roadhouse for dinner and drinks. Even though it was low key we weren’t letting Beth out without her super classy bachelorette garb made by our friend Rebekah!

Dinner was awesome and even included table side smores!


In case you haven’t met us, we EAT! We headed to brunch at Smoke (which is conveniently located next to the Belmont Hotel!) Saturday morning, it is conveniently attached to the hotel! After Smoke we hit the pool to burn a few hours before heading out to Dry Bar! This pool has an amazing view of the Dallas skyline.

If you have never seen straight haired Beth, prepare to be amazed! All of us had our hair blown out at Dry Bar- if you have never been GO! They are awesome, include an adult beverage or two, and completely do your hair for you! We like!

We hadn’t totally planned this out, but we wanted to try the drinks at the hotel bar a.k.a. Bar Belmont and made a quick stop there before dinner! So many mixings on the beverages! Eeek!!  What to choose?

Every bride needs lingerie so we turned dinner into a lingerie party as well! We won’t mention the creepy waiter who lingered around for that part, oh wait.. we did, yuck!!

After dinner we headed across the street to Prime Bar where we put Beth to work! She too had a “scavenger hunt” and succeeded like a champ! Just to give you a little idea here are a few pics of her efforts!


Get 5 guys take a picture with you of their belly buttons. These guys were awesome!

We promise there were actually 5 of them!

Show us your muscles! She even got his first shirt off!

Get the advice of 5 male strangers on marriage!

Definitely some interesting advice out there!

Call the last person on a cell phone!

Pic with a guy named Brent- we at least we think that was his name! 🙂

We made one last stop at Dee Lincoln’s Bubble Bar for her last three tasks and headed to the hotel! Great ending to a perfect night!

Beth is such a trooper and we are now just a few days away from the 3 month mark until the wedding! Where has the time gone?

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Since Beth’s bachelorette party is this weekend we thought in today’s post we would take you back to when we had this similar weekend for Teal in 2008! 🙂

Remember Hurricane Ike? Well, we do because as a result of that hurricane the weather was baaaad the majority of Teal’s bachelorette party weekend! It even kept our friend, Rebekah, from flying in to Dallas from New Hampshire. 😦 But per usual, when one of our friend’s isn’t able to be somewhere with us, we brought along Rebekah-on-a-stick.
But have no fear – we are fun and thus kept the whole weekend fun! The above picture of Teal is from the nice restaurant we ate at on Friday night which actually burned down sooooo we couldn’t even tell you the name of it.
Saturday night we went out to one of both of our favorite restaurants in DFW for dinner, Cuba Libre! Mmmmm, queso and plantain chips! Which ironically is also no longer! But only because the owner decided to try a new concept by remodeling, changing names and switching up the menu….needless, to say new concept didn’t last. A lot of restaurants from this weekend are no more. 😦

finishing Teal’s mojitos so we can go out to the bars!

In typical bachelorette party fashion Teal had a set of challenges she had to complete throughout the night and let me tell you – Teal is one good sport!

Teal and her challenge cards!

Call the last person a complete stranger called on their cell phone –


Sing I’m a Little Teapot to complete strangers –


On a side note Teal ended up singing to a group of guys next to us at dinner who were out for a bachelor party!

Get a sock from a random stranger –


Get a pair of underwear from a random man –


I’m not sure Teal was challenged to put on the pair of underwear from a random man, but she did accept that challenge anyway –

Overall, it was a FABULOUS weekend! And here is to this weekend! Now we will leave you with one more awesome dance picture –

Have a great bachelorette party: check!

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This is something that I make all the time because it is super easy and I can eat it for lunch or dinner throughout the week. It’s a very easy way to get tons of veggies and protein during that day. You can easily add or change the veggies to your liking or even what you have left over in the refrigerator!

Here’s what you do (nothing is really exact because it doesn’t have to be!)

Cut 6 bell peppers in half (any color), take out the guts, and place in a glass baking pan.


Cover the bottom of the pan with water about a centimeter or so high- this keeps it from burning the bell peppers in the oven

Grill 1 pound ground beef, bison, or turkey in a pan.


When your meat is about half way browned add your veggies. I did a can of corn, black beans, and diced tomatoes. I also had left over rice with carrots and green beans in it so I added about a cup of that so it wouldn’t go to waste. Mix everything in. If you like spice, add salsa and green chili at the very end.



Stuff your peppers. Fill them as much you can! I always end up with extra meat and usually just make tacos with it the next day.


Place in the oven for 30 minutes on 375. If you like, you can add cheese to the tops during the last 5 minutes.

Nutrition facts :This is from entering the ingredients in myfitness pal and calculating for 6 servings- 1 full bell pepper each

Calories: 298

Fat: 5.9 grams

Carbs: 36.5grams

Do you make stuffed bell peppers? What do you different from this recipe?

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