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It is such a honor to me to even be writing this blog – a few weeks ago I got a text from one of my college roommates saying “We are ordering more Team Cindy shirts, do you want one?” I responded immediately with “YES!!”

If we back up a little bit, I met Julie (college roomie) in 2003 and within 9-ish months of our meeting we became roommates.  Right around the time I met Julie her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  I know the news had to come as a shock and heart break to Julie, her sister, Cynthia, and their dad.  And in the times I first met Cindy and when she would come down to College Station for a visit, I’d never thought she was anything but a healthy lady with a contagious joy for life and her family.

Cindy was one of those moms of your friends that you immediately fell in love with and always enjoyed having the opportunity to be around and in truth she has passed that along to her daughters, as well as marrying a man that contains the same quality.

The very last time I was around Cindy was in roughly July of 2009 – I had gotten together with Julie, her husband, Cynthia, her boyfriend (and future husband) and another couple for a low-key dinner at Julie’s house.  After dinner we decided to play cranium so Cindy came over to hangout and give us an even number for teams.  She just fit right in and never seemed like a mom who had 20 years on us.  I could always see how Cindy’s daughters were her passion and so important to her.  She loved and adored Julie & Cynthia and never in an overbearing way – I always viewed her as a close to perfect balance of being a mom and a friend to her daughters.

Julie, Cindy & Cynthia

One of the things I loved hearing about Cindy, prior to my meeting her, was she had been an elementary school teacher for years, and I believe before every school year the kids who would find out Mrs. Death was their teacher would come up with these stories of how scary she must be!  How silly they must have felt upon meeting her that first day of school and realizing there is absolutely nothing scary about Cindy Death.

In the early months of 2010, Cindy began to experience organ failure as a result of all the chemo she had received.  Many nights were spent in the hospital with Cindy surrounded by her loving family.  Cynthia was scheduled to be married in early May, but it started to look like Cindy would not be able to be there unless the wedding was moved up.  Everything actually fell into place and Cynthia’s wedding was moved up by a little over a month.  But there was yet another hiccup in the plans for Cynthia & Mike’s wedding and having Cindy be there – she would not be able to leave the hospital.  The last Friday of February the wedding was brought to the hospital so that Cindy could see her baby girl get married. 

Julie, Cindy & CynthiaThe entire Death Family & their spouses - Jimmy, Mike, Cynthia, Julie, Jeff and Cindy

The pictures above were taken by a very talented photograph here in DFW, Love Me Photography,  you can see her blog here as well as a slideshow of all the photographs she took at Cynthia & Mike’s wedding.  Just six days after this wedding, Cindy went on to heaven.  Or as I have heard Julie say “heaven just got another angel!”
Cindy Death, was a beautiful woman, a daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher and friend to many, as well as being adored by many.  That is why I am so honored to be running a race and running for Team Cindy/Life is a Run.  Teal will be running with me in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in San Antonio in November and we have set a goal to raise $1,200.00 for Susan G. Komen ($100 for each month of this ruinning year).  As of today we have $90 towards our goal!  If you would like to donate to Team Cindy please go here.
If you plan on running Rock ‘n’ Roll SA look for me in my Team Cindy shirt:
– Beth

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And if so what brand do you buy?  And why?

Would love to read any in all feedback so leave us some in the comments!

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June’s Race

Well we survived!! The person who decided to start the race at 7:15 was genius, any later and we really might not have made our goal of not dying and finishing. This being our first “hot” weather race, we were very nervous. Neither of us does well in the heat, as we are sure many runners feel the same way, although our friend Chris will tell you he enjoys it, we think he’s nuts.

We both rolled out of bed at the crack of dawn (both a blessing and a curse) as I said, any later of a start and we might not have made it, but as the busy people we are, less sleep is always a negative! We arrived at the race about 30 minutes early and met up with Tracy, Michael, Ashley and Chris. Chris pulled a hamstring earlier in the week and was unable to run, but he raised money for the cause and just loves to cheer us on, so he came! We didn’t see our friend Joe before, but we were able to catch up with him at the end. He ran the ½ like a pro!
The race started promptly at 7:15 (good job, race organizers!) It started at Williams Square, which is a really cool part of downtown Las Colinas, and ran through the Campion Trail area. The course was well laid out and the website even states that it is essentially “hill-less”! Huge plus! We were even able to run a part of the race in shade, as part of the trail ran through a tree-lined area. As previously stated we didn’t know how fast we would run, but we both came in the first mile at a little over an 8 minute pace! Not bad!  The goal really was steady and finish. We had no idea how the heat would get or how we would do having been inconsistent for the month. Around mile 3, we were both together and pretty much stayed the way through the race! For the first time in a while, both of us ran most of the race close together. We discussed afterwards how kind of weird it is. Both of us actually think it’s weird how the other can keep going based on what we sound like running.  If you ever listen to another runner’s breathing it is actually crazy! We all sound weird.  I always think Beth is dying and she thinks I am. Very funny, but somehow we both make it each time.
It really did heat up outside toward the end and the last miles was rather torturous. None of it was in the shade and it’s now full-sun in Texas. We both crossed the finish line seconds apart! Upon finishing, the Junior Military kids handed us our medal and a sweet ending treat, POPSICLES!  Beth ran straight to the restroom and Teal went straight for the shade! We both sat for a while to cool off and ate our popsicles. Two to be exact! This was the first time we received popsicles at the end and they were A-mazing! As well as the cold paper towel handed to us!

The Junior Military passing out the medals

We both hung around after the race to wait for Joe to come in and to cheer on the other runners. Joe ran an excellent half and impressed us all. Teal’s friend Chris was unable to make it- he was supporting the youth at his church and had to leave earlier than expected. Being the trooper he is, he still ran is 13.1 miles that morning on his own! Great job! Because the race had a military cause, many service men and women ran the race. Some of them were even in their full gear -seriously impressive stuff. We watched one troop come in wearing full gear and his backpack on having run the ½! Another marine carried the flag above his head as he finished the last stretch. They really have great strength and energy!  I was whining about my shorts and a tank top being too hot for the day, and I only ran 6 miles. Many carried flags and military gear and it really was an awesome thing to see. It’s safe to say we will do this one again. It was only the second year of this race and overall the organization was great and the turnout was awesome! Great event for an awesome cause!


Beth: Finished the 10k in 56:46, 6th in age group and 87th overall
Teal: Finished the 5k in 56:41, 5th in age group and 86th overall

So proud of how we did!

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Since we both live in Dallas and have been cheering on the Mavs we had to dedicate our first post of the day to the Mavs!! So excited and very well deserved!! So much heart on that team!

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Wounded Warrior10k

Miss us??  Well, we are back!  Still trying to find some balance with all that is going on, BUT it’s another race weekend!!  And we are excited to be apart of the Wounded Warrior race this weekend!  I think it’s safe to say we are both VERY glad we did not select the half marathon for this race and stuck with running the 10k!

This race supports SUCH a great cause!  It honors the men & women who serve in our military and helps raise money for the Semper Fi fund which gives assistance to Marines and Sailors who were injured in post 9-11 combat.  I am sure each of us out there knows someone, whether it’s an acquaintance, a close friend from growing up or a family member of a friend, whose spent time serving in our military; and I know we are proud to be apart of a race that honors these great men & women!

We are excited to be running the 10k with our friends Traci, her hubby Mike, Ashley and Chris!  Our friend Joe is running as well but taking on the half marathon!

We are also  excited and want to give a shoutout to one of Teal’s fellow teachers, Chris (not the same one as above), who got back into to running this year and will be completing his first half marathon this weekend at Wounded Warrior!!  We are so excited for you and appreciate all the support you give us!!  Chris actually ran with us at the Kacie’s Run put on my Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD back in March as well though we didn’t get a picture with him that day, but there’s always Sunday! 🙂
This weekend we both share the same goal – to not die!! Haha, this will probably the first HOT run either of us have really done so we are not anticipating a PR.  We just want to run the whole thing and not be dying at the end.
Weather Forecast:
Wind: 7 mph
High: 99*
Low: 74*
Precip.: 0%

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What is your go to cross training workout? We just want to see what other people do on their cross training days and see how many people do similar activities or if they vary far more than we even thought!!

Do you spin?

Do you kickbox?

Do you do crossfit?

What is it that we’ve mentioned or even left out that you do for cross training? Let us know in the comments section! Look forward to what you all have to say!

– Teal & Beth

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National Running Day

We have finally reach the point in the Texas weather where the heat is really starting to pick up and be consistent. This the first summer where we will both be running through the heat, which is a weird mix of excitment and “Oh, God, are we going to die?”
Since the half we ran in May neither one of us has logged many miles running.  Sorry just being honest!  Like we have said many times we both stay very busy and for Teal this time of year means her school year with the students she teaches is coming to a close as well as her school year where she is a student.  For Beth it has just been a busy season in her full time job with a handful of jobs in her part time job that have also kept her busy.
Now just because we both haven’t logged a bunch of miles running in no way means we aren’t still working out.  You can still find Teal diligently working out with her trainer, Will, two times a week and Beth with her trainer, Johnny.  And you can always find Teal either running stairs at a local high school or if they’ve locked her out at her gym.  Beth you can find sweating her butt off while holding warrior one in the yoga studio.
And then there was Memorial Day Weekend where we had lots of days to put in some running miles, ya, that didn’t really happen either.  We both, along with our significant others spent Friday night at the Rangers game.  Teal woke up bright and early Saturday morning for a 14 hour trip to Vegas to see a friend get married, and Beth ended up glued to her couch and/or bed sick, with what exactly? Don’t know but there was a sore throat involved.
Being that today is National Running Day – there couldn’t be a better day for us to  jump back in and get some miles under our belt!  How many miles will you be running today?  And those of you out there running in heat – what tips do you have for us for running in the heat?

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