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1.  In T- 6 days we are going to start a self inflicted challenge, BUT we would like for YOU to join us!  In many parts of the country, our’s included, it might as well already be summer…but there is still time to get some toning of the bod in before summer is over.  With that said we are doing a push up and plank challenge!  The idea is to print out the blank calendar below and keep a record of how many push ups you do and how long you plank each day!  It is as simple as that!  You can do it however many days  you want, BUT…yes there is a but – if you want to win the prize from our Tone It Up Challenge you are going to have to beat your competition!  When June is over you will send us via email, a twitpic, etc. your filled in calendar and who ever planked and pushed up on the most amount of days will win!

You  might be thinking, well, Teal & Beth, what if some of us tie????  Good question! We have an answer! We then take it to who did the most push ups and the longest amount of planks.  For example, if Challenger A did 1,000 push ups and planked for a total of 45 minutes, whereas, Challenger B only did 800 pushups and 41 minutes of planks then challenger A is the WINNER!

So click the link below and print out the calendar…..and June 1st get to work on push ups and planks!  Let’s Tone It Up!

June Tone Up Challenge Calendar

Now you might be thinking, Teal. Beth. What do I WIN???  Another good question we only have a partial answer to that one!  Oops?? We are thinking a gift card…a $50 gift card to the winner!  We haven’t fully decided where this gift card will come from but we are thinking a running store, running company so you can reward yourself with some new stuff!  So join us June 1st for the Tone It Up Challenge! You know you want to! 🙂

2. We joined Instagram, why not? All the cool kids are doing it. We have been on individually for a while and just decided yesterday that Life is a Run needs one too! Come find us!

3.       Tour des Fleurs registration opened Thursday! We love this race for many reasons but perhaps the best is that it really was the kick off to our first ½ marathon training together. Beth ran before as you know, BUT we love it and are excited to run again. Come join us!!  Oh, and an added bonus this year is your race registration gets you free into the Chihuly exhibit currently at the Dallas Arboretum! It looks cool!

4.       We found out that the Dallas White Rock Marathon has officially changed its name to the Dallas Marathon! Check out this press release. We also then realized that this meant we ran the LAST official White Rock Marathon ever. Hey at least it went out with a bang… or crazy ridiculous cold rain.  Check out the mary story if you are confused 😉 Plus registration for that opens June 1st too. You will see us out there for sure but just for the ½ this time because…


5.       We decided to FINALLY register for our SECOND full marathon.  We will be running the Louisiana Marathon January 20th in Baton Rouge!!


Welp, that’s all from us! Have a great Friday and please join us in our June challenge!


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For a couple of months Beth has had some food goals – one being prepare your meals and the most recent one was try two new recipes for weekly meal prep!  Well she took her search to google and decided to try and find a skinny enchilada recipe which quickly led her to recipe created by She-Fit!  Ruth has some other great recipes listed on her blog that I hope I find time to make as well!

But back to the skinny enchiladas – look through the ingredients and everything sounded very do-able!

To get started you need to pre-heat your oven to 350.  Then lightly spray a 9×13 baking dish.  After you chop up your onion and bell pepper you are going to saute them in a pan.  Once the onions are a lightly brown mix your veggies with the Greek yogurt, chicken and cheese (if you are like me and boiled your chicken in chicken broth to cook it obviously that is going to be your real first item on the list to accomplish).

You’ll want to evenly spread out your mixture into 9 tortillas, roll them up and place them seam down in your baking dish.  Ruth’s recipe calls for wheat tortillas, but where would the fun be if I didn’t try something different??  I used corn tortillas instead! I have actually made this recipe twice now and the first go round I used Tia Rosa brand tortillas which pretty much broke immediately after being set down in the baking dish.  One the second go round I used Mission corn tortillas which had very little if any breakage of the tortilla!

Next you want to evenly coat your tortillas with the salsa and Greek yogurt mix then sprinkle with cheese! Voila! Your enchiladas are ready to bake!  The recipe calls for placing foil over the dish which I didn’t do, but maybe I should one of these days and see if it makes a difference.  Nonetheless, bake those bad boys for 15-20minutes.  Maybe in an effort to give some love to Ruth and her blog you should click here to find out about the nutrition facts!

One other little fun thing about this recipe is you can totally change up the taste of it simply by using a different type of salsa!  My first time making this recipe I decided to use a salsa verde, but the second time after perusing all the salsa choices at my local grocery store I chose to buy a local brand salsa – Hazelwood’s Smoked Chipotle.  The flavor was completely different and just as delicious from that one change up!

Have you tried this version of skinny enchiladas?  What’s your favorite skinny recipe to make?

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Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂  We thought for at least this period of training limbo for the two of us we would start giving you weekly recaps of workouts, soooo let’s just get started with last week…


Teal: Trained with Will and Fire 60

Beth: Off


Teal: Off

Beth:  Trained with Johnny at Private Training Zone and 4 mile run


Teal:  Trained with Will

Beth: Off


Teal:  3×1 miles speed on treadmill 7.5mpg – plus weights (lunges, dead lifts, squats, repeated between mile runs)

Beth: Trained with Johnny at Private Training Zone, 2.76 mile run (1 mile on pavement and 1.76 on trails), and 5.35 mile hill repeat run


Teal: 4.20 mile hill repeats on Windhaven

Beth: Stadium workout


Teal:  Fire 60, weights and 2 mile speed work at the gym (3 arm exercises repeated between 800m intervals on treadmill at 8mph)

Beth:  Trained with Stephen at Private Training Zone


Teal: Off

Beth: 6 mile run

Other than that we had a great weekend!  We even spent our Friday night together with both of our dudes!  After reading a blog post by Army Amy we decided we HAD to try a restaurant she had recently been to that we have never heard of before.  So Friday night the four of us went out to One 2 One and tried a ton of food!  Maybe we should have taken a picture of ALL the food we ordered so we could all try a little bit of something from the menu, but if we did we’d probably be too embarrassed to post it. 🙂 Believe us it was A LOT of food!

Teal & Michael

Brent & Beth

How was your weekend – did you race? Or put in some miles on your own?

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How often do you seek out new routes to run in your city?  What keeps you from finding new areas to run?

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You might be wondering what we have been up to since we have taken a short break from running, kind of….well, OK, at least official ½ marathons every weekend 🙂

So here is a quick update of this weekend!!

Friday Teal graduated with her Master’s Degree from the University of North Texas- as you saw on Friday’s post but why not repeat it!?! Long time coming!!

Michael & Teal

Teal and her parents

Beth is trucking along in wedding planning, (How is it already the middle of May?) and has been super busy checking things off the to do list. This week she got to check off the WEDDING CAKE!! Can’t wait to eat that for sure! Then was able to also take advantage of the fact that one of our best friends, Rebekah, was in town. Rebekah is an awesome quilter/seamstress and Beth has a secret sewing project in her mind! As a bonus Beth was able to hang with Baby Eliza who you may remember from one of our Christmas posts! She is growing up SO fast!

Such a happy girl!

Because one picture just isn’t enough! See how cute she is?!

Saturday we were both able to meet up and have a graduation celebration and spend more time with Rebekah and of course our other close friends!! We ate at Coal Vines for dinner and had a blast, despite that fact that it took FOR. EV. ER. to get a seat. (you think we are kidding….nope it’s the truth!) Seating a party of 10 at a busy restrurant on a Saturday may have not been the best idea but we made it work! 🙂

Sunday was of course Mother’s day and who doesn’t want to celebrate Mom!!  Teal at her Granny’s house for a cookout and Beth at Babe’s Chicken. SOOOO good!

Teal and her brothers – Trey and Brad

Beth & her oldest nephew, Wesley, on Mother’s Day! If you look close enough on the left you can see Beth’s Mom!

And you think that wasn’t enough?? We got in a little work out too!!

Beth headed out for a 6 plus mile run

And Teal to do some bleacher work at the local high school!

Let us know how your weekend was! We would also like to give a belated shout out to all of the Mother’s out there! You do more than anyone could ever know! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! 🙂

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…..GRADUATION DAY!!! A big congrats to Teal and her husband, Michael, who will both be walking the stage at the University of North Texas today!!


Teal has been like a super woman the last few years being a full time teacher, attending grad school and working part time for her dad at Mower Medic! Enjoy the day, Teal!! Congrats!! 🙂

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