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This weekend just so happened to be the annual Crawl for Cancer in Dallas, and as tradition would have it we decided to partake in the Pub Crawl festivities again.  Originally we signed up for the Crawl for Cancer at the end of January before we had even started thinking about running a race in April.  It turned out Beth had 3 weekends of traveling in this month so we ended up settling on having Pub Crawl as the same day as our race, but in being consistent with our craziness we went anyways. After leaving the zoo run we headed home to freshen up then headed to Lemon Bar for brunch before the Pub Crawl.  We were team red this year and had a completely different bar path than the years before – we went from Lotus to Ginger Man to Trophy Room to Sfuzzi and ended at Uptown Bar & Grill.

We had discussed the level of drinking that would take place this weekend because as you may know we plan on running the White Rock Centennial Half Marathon on May 7th. We need to train for this, as our last half was in December and we have not run that far since. Both of us were a little nervous signing up for this race because of the time frame and that fact that our longest race this year was the 15k, Too Cold to Hold, we ran in January.  We were scheduled to run at least 8 miles Sunday and both had every intention of powering through even if it was a slow pace.  Just get the mileage in!

We headed out on our usual path which we took when preparing for White Rock Half last year and at the 5 mile mark were in need of a break!  We had spent the previous day drinking after all, so we stopped in Starbucks, got some water and headed out to finish the last 3 miles.  Tonight we are having our 8 mile run do over and hope to run it all consecutively!  The plan is to stay on track and run 9 miles this Sunday and 10 miles the week before White Rock Centennial.  Don’t worry we will be sure to keep you posted on our 1/2 training progress!

And we will leave you with one last pic from Saturday –


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We are now a third of the way through our 2011 running goal!!  Yet again we had a VERY busy race weekend – are you starting to see a theme with the two of us?  Busy, busy, busy! Beth and Joe picked up Teal and made the roughly hour long drive to Ft. Worth to meet up with Mouyyad!  Since the race was in Ft. Worth one of Mouyyad’s friends picked up all of our race packets and it was very out of the ordinary for us to be standing around at the start line without our bibes 15 minutes prior race, but we got our bibes and were ready to go with time to spare!

We thought the majority of the race would be throughout the zoo, only part of it was and as it turns out that was perfect since the zoo part was pretty smelly!  For the first half mile of the 5k I think we both regretted reading this blog on clock blocking and all the people we were having to dodge (not because the blog is bad – it is SO true was just at the forefront of our minds).  I think we both were pretty tired early on due to that and we have both been a little spoiled with our last couple of 5k’s being pretty small there was no need to dodge other runners.  There were also a few hills throughout the course.  Both of us never really felt like we were running in a race where we would do well.

But then you look at our results and see that we were completely wrong:

Teal: 25:55, finished 6th in her age group and set a new PR!

Beth: 26:11 and finished 7th in her age group


Also, both Joe & Mouyyad got new PR’s out of the 5k Zoo Run!

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Fort Worth Zoo Run

This coming Saturday we will be doing our April race at the Ft. Worth Zoo!  We are very excited to be running with our buddies Mouyyad, Chris & Joe!  We’ll actually be running through the zoo which should make for an awesome course!  But now that we post our races and times for the world to see I think both of us feel the pressure to do well each time, and I know that’s how we are both feeling right now! Here are our goals & weather for this coming race:

Teal: To do better than Kacie’s Run 5k (26:26) and to not die! 🙂

Beth:  I’d like to see myself run closer to my time at Cupid’s Chase 5k (25:50)

Weather forecast:

Wind: 8mph

High: 76*

Low: 52*

Precip.: 0%

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So inititally I was scared I was going to wake up thinking it was Sunday and miss the 5k, as I thought Friday was Saturday.  I didn’t, but unfortunately I kind of wish I had.  This post is one I feel bad about writing, and I figured I would start out by saying that I do give the organizers a big A+ for starting a 5k race that promotes awareness of Diabetes.  Racing is a great way to raise money, we know, we pay regularly do to run them!  I felt like the effort was there, but when it came to actually pulling it off and the sheer organization, I unfortunately have to give them an F.  Maybe this is another sign I should not run without Beth?

For starters, the race time was changed AFTER registration; originally it was supposed to start at 8:00 a.m.  I work every Saturday so if I am going to race that day it has to be early enough so that I can get to work by 9:00 a.m.-ish.  A week before the race they updated the page to say the race would now be at 9:00 a.m.  Great!  I went anyways, I work for my dad so he is lenient but I don’t like to push it too much.  My husband and I arrived at UTD and the directions said to go to the Southside of the basketball courts, no one was there from the race.  There were about 20 of us waiting around, we wait, wait, nothing.  I decided to walk around this building and I found a guy with an event shirt.  He says it starts at the student services building which was not mentioned.  Sure enough I find them and it’s now 8:20 a.m.  At 8:30 a.m. guest speakers are supposed to start and their website indicated there would be a total of 2 speakers.  It’s now 8:50 a.m., no speakers, no idea when the race will actually start.  A few minutes later the guest speakers finally start, the first was a little girl who was AMAZING and totally worth the wait!  But then we get 3 more about nothing except thanks for coming out.  I think one of them was even a guy running for office.  IT’s now 9:15 a.m., no race yet, and all the organizers are standing around saying “the race will start in 5 minutes.”  I would have said fine and not been so annoyed, but they did this for about 15+ minutes.  I finally looked at my husband and said, “they have 5 minutes or I have to leave, I have to get to work!”  At this point it is 9:30 a.m. and no one has even lined up to race.  As a matter of fact, I am  convinced that they didn’t even know the race route as two of the organizers were debating where the turns were supposed to be!  I was done!  So in total I went to a race, had to pick up everything, i.e. race packet, there and literally stood around for an hour and a half to run a race that takes me less than 30 minutes to run.  So unfortunately I left.  I left out of sheer frustion and time.  By the time I left at 9:35 a.m. the race had not started and still no one had lined up in preparation for the race to begin.  I feel terrible for even mentioning the race and not running, but sometimes that’s just the way it goes!

The AMAZING guest speaker!

At the same time, I do recognize that I have a bit of a different situation with my Saturday’s and my part time job where a race that starts on time and starts early enough I can fit in before I have to be at work.  There are a lot of people who get up for a Saturday race and do not have any sort of time constraint like I do.  I also recognize that A LOT of work goes into the scheduling and organizing of a race!  Perhaps these guys have not actually run many to know a lot of the details, but I do hope they learned a lot from this race and will improve their race for next year!  Beth is actually a volunteer for Heroes for Children  and apart of their 5k race committee, which I believe she’ll talk about in a later post, and I have no doubt she will learn A TON about organizing a race. 

Also, here is a picture of me from before the race and sorry that’s all you get!

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Dash for Diabetes

April was almost looking to be as crazy as February, and as you know I (Teal) was unable to run an official race. Beth, luckily, was able to squeeze in the Cupid Run in Corpus and kept our goal alive. So, in fear that it would happen again I signed up to run the Dash for Diabetes, because Beth and I have a crazy month again. She has a trip with her sister, Kate, to visit relatives and tour Texas, as well as a few other events this month. and I have a wedding to attend. I am super jealous of this trip, but just in case you were worried, we did actually plan a race together. We will be running the Ft. Worth Zoo Run next weekend! The Diabetes race stuck out to me because it is a huge problem in my family. My step-dad is so bad he can’t keep a doctor, and my grandmother has struggled with it for most of her life. So it’s none the less fitting. Here is the link to read more about it if you want.

With that said, I woke up this morning truly ready to run. I set the alarm, had all of my stuff ready, and when I woke up I did my daily morning check of twitter and thanks to @druidDUDE (yes the dude from Glee) I read: Hello Friday, Hello Tumblr. FRIDAY? What? I woke up my husband who was like “What is wrong with you, it’s Friday.” So I quickly got up and got dressed for work. The race is Saturday. Booo.

Apparently I need to actually get prepared for a Saturday Race. Usually Beth and I would have pre-planned a meeting place and time and I would know what day of the week it is, clearly I don’t do well alone. Here is my goal and the weather for this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes! Hopefully I won’t wake up tomorrow thinking it’s Sunday.

My Goal: Hoping to do better than Kacie’s run which was 26:26.

Weather forecast:
Wind: S at 21 mph (oh lord!)
Low: 71*
High: 91*
Prec: 10%

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No, really we want to know!

Do you discard them?  Do you keep them in a box? Do you make an album with them?

So far this year we have 3 and 4 race bibs.  As you know 2011 is a different year for us and honestly, a special one, as we are tackling a goal we’ve never attempted before.

Leave us a comment and let us know!

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