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…many “experts” have made dieting so complicated and unrealistic that people tend to give up.  In fact, diets have a 98 percent failure rate!

When I picked up a copy of Jackie Warner’s This Is Why You’re Fat I couldn’t wait to get started reading it, and once I did start reading it I didn’t want to put it down!

And I completely appreciate the excerpt above from this book.  There are far too many books out there that make trying to eat right such a complicated process.  Right now, there are plenty of books out there and people out there saying most of what Jackie is saying, however, she says it in a no nonsense sort of way.  It’s easy to understand and a light bulb really did go off as I read it!

Essentially eat clean.  Eat natural.  Limit or pretty much rid your diet of processed food.  Do not fear – you can bring some of it back on your designated cheat meals!

Did any of you watch Jackie Warner’s show on  Bravo called Work Out? I did and I totally loved her attitude and what she was about. I remember constantly her saying SUGAR IS BAD. SUGAR IS EVIL! GET RID OF SUGAR IN YOUR DIET!  Well, she’s saying that again in her book.

I can honestly say her saying that on Work Out has been hanging out in my head, but reading her book shed a whole new light on it for me.  I use to looooove to drink Starbucks VIA Caramel coffee then a light bulb turned on and I actually looked at the back of the box.  Oh hey, Beth, this isn’t normal coffee – whatever they did to it adds 13 grams of sugar. THIRTEEN!! Yep, I am done with that stuff.  Still have some in the pantry at home and it is the last thing that I want.  I look at it right now and just shake my head! It’s essentially black coffee with caramel flavoring and 13-freakin-grams of sugar!

Really, I don’t want to give too much away.  Maybe I already did?!  But this book so turned on a light for me I wish I could buy it and give it away to other people!  (maybe that’s a sign we should do a giveaway??)  I’d loan you my copy but I highlighted and wrote all over it plus I feel it’s something where I should look back on frequently. Refresh my mind!  Not only that, but Jackie completely sets you up for success!  She gives you the good & bad of food in our bodies, explains her way of eating, gives you a plan, gives you workouts and gives you recipes!

Like I said before this book just hit home with me even though I think there are some other similar books saying the same things so it just might be my preferred method of hearing what I needed to hear!

Have you read This Is Why You’re Fat?  Has another healthy eat & living book really hit home with you like this one did for me?


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If you are anything like me you have probably heard about gluten and people who cannot eat gluten, but really had little idea of what it actually was or what it does to your body. I decided to read the book Wheat Belly because I really wanted to know more about this.Wheat Belly is written by a PREVENTATIVE cardiologist Dr. Davis, which is great to me because his emphasis is clearly based on prevention rather than treatment, something I feel isn’t always seen. In the beginning of the book Dr. Davis makes a great point that if we go back and look through our grandparents photo albums we would be hard pressed to find anyone over 200 pounds The average weight for women during our grandparents time was 110-115 and for men 150 to 165. As clear logic would say he goes on to explain why now the 200+ pound person is not rare and basically why we who exercise a lot are not walking around with 6 pack abs.

The problem with wheat at this time is the fact that it is different from its original form. Apparently wheat over centuries has changed due to changes in its genetic code and the farmers/scientists attempt to make it easier to produce.I don’t get the science behind it that much but his comparison made sense. If you think about humans, we have our 46 chromosomes and we get these from our parents (7th grade science tells you this). Even one change in any one of those 46 causes a change, for example the difference between just one y or x chromosome would change me from a girl to a boy. Small changes make big differences, with humans we don’t add chromosomes, but with wheat and its genetic make-up they just keep multiplying leaving more room for manipulations and what Dr. Davis refers to as “incremental genetic variations”, many of which we don’t even know has happened. Basically with all that, it is different than what was meant for human consumption.

Wheat messes with your blood sugar different than any other food out there. He states that just two pieces of wheat bread can raise your blood sugar just as much if not more than 2 tablespoons of real sugar.  Then of course we have heard from other health sources that this stimulates your appetite, causes addictive like reactions to foods, and then creates cravings, usually of the unwanted form.


Dr. Davis goes on to explain that Wheat, in and of itself, is at the root of many issues including:

Weight gain and obesity


Deep visceral fat (the fat around our organs) – yuck!

Celiac disease


Cataracts, wrinkles, hair loss, Dowagers hump

Heart disease

Autoimmune diseases

The book leaves you wondering what you are supposed to eat and how you can control what you are putting in your body that is causing it to have the cravings and hold on to its fat. Basically what it breaks down to in terms of food consumption is as follows:

RARELY or NEVER: and most of these are a “duh” even if you still eat gluten!

=Wheat products (obviously) but this includes breads, pastas, cookies, cakes, cereals, pancakes, pita, couscous, rye, barley etc.

=Oils of the hydrogenated, poly-unsaturated, corn, sunflower, soy, grape seed, cottonseed kinds.

=Gluten-free foods – I thought this was interesting because so many people who go gluten free go straight to the gluten free foods

=Dried fruits, fried foods, sugar snacks, fructose sweeteners, sugary condiments like jelly and ketchup.


=Non-cheese dairy like milk, yogurt, cottage cheese

=Fruit and basically when you eat it stick to the northern fruits (berries of most kinds, etc. and this also includes juices)

=Whole corn, beans, potatoes

=Soy products – apparently this is an entire other topic to look into too??

=Non-wheat, non gluten grains – wild rice, quinoa, brown/white rice (because they raise blood sugar fairly high, not because they are particularly unhealthy)


=Vegetables except corn and potatoes

=Raw nuts and seeds

=Oils – olive, coconut, avocado, walnut, flaxseed

=Meats and eggs (the entire egg)


=Non sugary condiments

So with all of that said, I would still highly suggest you read the book if this is of any interest to you. I also gave the book to my Step-Dad who is diabetic. When it comes to diabetes, food is serious business, more so than just the average person and it can make or break how you live.I am not a scientist, and I still have questions, but what the book said and researched, it does not seem that far-fetched in my opinion.

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