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Ummmm how is it September 28th?  We know it has flown by and it is officially less than a month until Beth’s wedding! And yes we know we say that every month…maybe when the wedding is over we’ll stop saying it. 🙂 Maybe. Crunch time for everything and we are having a super hard time getting all of our running in soooooo we have therefore signed up for a last minute race just to make sure we get it in! On Wednesday we both signed up to run The Great Taco Run 10 miler! This ends up being perfect because right after we signed up a few things came up to get done over the weekend and now we at least have a paid excuse as to why we have to run first! You do what you gotta do, right?? This is a perfect distance for us this weekend given its only 1 week until the Tyler Rose half marathon, the 3rd of our four seasons challenge!  Neither one of us have gotten in a good long run in a while (raise your hand if you are not shocked by this trend!)



Apparently tacos are becoming the new post race eating trend and this Dallas race has decided to jump on that bandwagon. We totally don’t mind, and in fact we are pretty sure this will make Beth’s fiancé jealous! 13 different taco shops in Dallas will be at the after race portion to hand out tacos to the runners! The runners will get to try each taco and vote on the best! HELLO, we aren’t sure why we didn’t think of this first. The winner is apparently announced on October 4th, which just so happens to be National Taco Day, in case you didn’t know!

Bonus- this race supports Friends of the Katy Trail, one of the most popular running trails in North Texas, as well as the Trinity Strand Trail who is working super hard to organize a new 7.8 mile trail along the Trinity River waterway! So we totally don’t feel bad for “last minute signing up” for this race just to get in a long run.

Beth has actually run a 10 miler sans Teal at the White Rock ‘n’ Roll race in May. She finished with a time of 1:32:16 and Teal has never actually run a 10 miler before! Either way we should both be in for a good long run!

Will we see anyone there?  If so let us know because we, as usual, would totally love to meet/see/hang out with you!

How do you guys balance life’s madness with running? We like tips for sure. We are literally about to start training for our second marathon! This race will actually kick it off! Let us know how you keep on track!

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Yah, yah, yah…we are a little late to get this up, but we are started on June goals already! Have no fear! A lot has been going on over in our parts of the world as we are sure it has been with lots of you too! Anyways, let’s get on with it…


1.  Lose 5 more lbs. I have tons of motivation right now because I will be on the beach June 6-11 for one of my best friend’s weddings in the Dominican Republic! C: lost 2-3ish depends on what time you weigh me (don’t you love that) BUT on a side note I am back to where I was before the marathon!!

2. Ok, I’m just going to change this yoga goal. The goal is to go 3 times per week. After looking back on the last 2 months I think this is doable and still a stretch.  I had a 6 time month and a 5 time month so hopefully just 3 a week will be a big enough push that is actually time possible!  B: Close… I went to yoga 9 times. So basically 3 short, not bad for a crazy month!

3. Stop skipping my morning workouts. My gym buddy and I got a little off track due to crazy lives and schedules. The goal is to go all 5 mornings. I had done this for over a year so it’s doable, just need to get back in the routine! I have been going at night more, but it’s not as easy to do and gets in the way of my yoga goal! Domino effect-boooo!!  UMMMMM, not 100% sure how to grade this, I worked out the same and went most mornings, it is just sooo much easier to go at night when I don’t have grad school or something else. I did most of the runs at night but still went about 3 days a week in the morning, PLUS, if you remember from earlier in the year, I wanted to do more weights alone…. DONE!! Feeling so much better about this, well except for the super creepy guy who told me my aura was beautiful. What??

4. Be nicer! I am not evil, but stress has taken over this month with preparing for graduation, looking and interviewing for counseling jobs, planning showers and events, tax season at my dad’s, state testing for schools, blah blah blah. I have NOT been the picture of niceness at all and have become way more annoyed at things than normal. I am not sure how I am going to actually do this or prove it, but I’ll come up with something and let you know how it goes at the end of May!  B-: Ok I was nicer for sure. I did some random things, that at least made me feel nicer including, walking to teacher friends to talk instead of email, putting shopping carts back in the shopping cart thing even if they weren’t mine,  waved at the people in my neighborhood when we passed each other in cars, I never once honked my horn, I bought the lady’s order behind me at Starbucks in the drive through line, and I just got a better attitude about work and stuff like that. Not too shabby BUT I still have a lot of room!


1. I’m still chasing those 5 pounds to lose! Ha, one day…one. freakin’. day. I will be able to say I did it so. This goal is sticking! C: I lost two pounds! Haha

2. Survive my first 10 mile race!  I’m currently freaked out by this distance since I’ve never raced it and it is getting hotter down here in Texas!  A+: I DID survive!! It was a hot one, but I did the White Rock ‘n’ Roll 10 miles!

sprintin’ it in!

3. My wedding related goal is super vague, but the goal is to have at least 3 items on my checklist marked off and report back to you what I’ve accomplished them! B-:  I have a CAKE!!! 🙂  I also bought all the supplies for two projects I am working on and while that doesn’t seem like much of a feat, well, it is in my world! Finding time to work, workout and get to stores before they close is hard for me! Ha.  I’ve also done a lot of research into decorations I want to use, so while it would be amazing if I was further along I am proud of where I am!

This isn’t really what my cake looks like – I got more of a simple yet elegant look to mine! 🙂


4. I want to continue on with my preparing food for the week on Sunday’s goal, but to make it different the goal here is to find two new recipes this month and make them! Must add variety to what I’ve been doing! F:  I did do a lot of food prep in the month of May, however, I only ended up finding one new recipe that I wanted to try and then I didn’t even try it. Ha! I’m not going to make this a goal for next month, but I will make the recipe I have and find at least another to try soon! So help me God!

My extra goals each month – a. Hill workouts weekly! I actually hosted hill runs in the month of May for NTX Runners, but Teal had to cover one of my hill runs because I was sick. :-/  Which means I did 4 hill runs in the 5 weeks of May.  b. Read two books a month.  Well, I actually finished 3 books in May! 🙂  I was a busy reader!  I finished The Girl in the Green Sweater: A Life in Holocaust’s Shadow by Krystyna Chiger, Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.


Joint Goal:

We will be participating in #runchat’s May challenge which is pretty much to run a different route, a new trail or try a race you have never done before.  For more information please visit the #runchat site.  Beth & Brent found a trail area by his house to explore during this month.  You might remember it from Wordless Wednesday No. 25

Onward to June goals….How are we in the 6th month of this year?!?


1.  Clean out the garage which involves properly deposing of all old paint, chemicals, and random things you can’t through in the regular trash, donating anything that  should have donated a long time ago, if it belongs to my brother it’s going to his house, and then just generally cleaning. Why I pick June to work outside in the heat is beyond me but whatever!?

2.  So I graduated at the beginning of May!! Yay, but I have very annoying things that I have/need to do

  • Consolidate and move all my student loans to one place and get on a better plan to pay off faster. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!
  • Register for the LPC exam and not cry when I pay the $300 to take it
  • Organize all the grad work that I did that I want, toss the old stuff, bind what I am keeping ( anyone have one of those spiral binding things?)
  • Organize, bind, toss, or give away my teaching stuff! I will be moving to counselor next year and have a billion teaching things to go through

3.  Follow my under 2 hour half marathon runkeeper running plan as close to possible! I will eventually run and under 2 hour half marathon if it kills me! Well not really, I want to live, but you get the point!

4.  Eliminate random eating. Raise your hand if you stand around trying to figure out something to eat and you find yourself eating crap in the process! ME!! This has to stop!! It’s not like am eating like crazy stuff, but it is mindless and when I finally figure out what to eat, I’m annoyed that I ate weird random things in the meantime!


1.  This time around my weight goal is simply: DON’T GAIN ANY!!! Ha, sounds simple right?  Well, this is my birth month and my parents are divorced so this usually means multiple celebrations with good food, good drinks and dessert.  So it’s a dangerous time of year for me. No weight gain in June!!

2. Yoga 2-3 times a week.  Ever since I finished my goal of completing 200 classes in a year I’ve been kind of a slacker, so let’s get back to yoga goals! It’s soooo good for me!

3.  Finish projects at Brent’s house.  I volunteered his house to host a friend dinner (like this one) towards the end of the month and I haven’t finished some art I started for the walls, since I’ll eventually move in there (you know when we are married) I had already left all of my racing medals, hook to hold them, awesome race bib board my SIL made me over there they just need to be hung up.

4. Finish the two wedding projects I have ALL of the supplies for! 🙂

Joint Goal:

We are doing and have asked YOU to participate with us in our Tone It Up Challenge for the month where we do as many days of pushups and planks!

Hope you all have are working hard on your June goals and have a fabulous month! Check back with you when it’s July!  But July please do not come TOO FAST!

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Does that make sense? It does in our minds! Ha, this weekend is full of busy, so we are ready for the weekend break from our busy weekend. Now does it make sense? 🙂  But keep in mind most of the busy is all stuff we will have a lot of fun doing!

You might know that we are kind of taking a break or maybe more accurately a step back from doing SO many races right now.  Summer will be here in no time and everyone knows that summer is always busy, right?  Teal is about to be graduating from grad school then wrapping up another school year with her students and this summer brings about a wedding for one of her best friends.  Which means there are wedding events to attend!

Bride-to-be, Sommer & Teal dressed up as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs a couple Halloween’s ago

Beth is still trucking along at work, basically has a side job doing social media for a small local business and is trying to plan her wedding!  There are so many things to be doing!

What does that mean for us this weekend?

Teal will be Bachelorette Partyin’ it up!  See how that warrants a recovery weekend from the weekend?

Beth will be participating in the Dallas Running Club‘s White Rock ‘n’ Roll 10 mile race on Saturday!  Need to burn those calories before she and Brent are off to do a cake tasting!  Neither one of us have ever done a 10 mile race and honestly it’s starting to get HOT in Texas!  Hopefully White Rock Lake can provide some sort of a breeze!

So there is no pre-existing goal for this race, but maybe one will be set out on the course! Otherwise hopefully there will be fun and happy running going on! 🙂  Oh, and should you be running White Rock ‘n’ Roll tomorrow and are still needing to pick up your race packet – Beth is working the 4-7pm packet pickup shift at Luke’s Locker Plano today! So be sure and say hi!  Or you know if you need some new running gear stop by that time and say hi!

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