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So Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come in gone, but we bet you are still shopping for your friends and family for Christmas.  We are definitely still shopping!

This holiday season we decided to compile our own list of running gear we would love for Santa to bring us on Christmas morning! 🙂

1. Flipbelt – Who isn’t always looking for the perfect way to carry everything you might need on a run? Ever since Courtney told us both about these we’ve been dying to get our hands on one for each of us.  Of course a lot of the other belts out there for carrying around personal items we haven’t tried, but this one has completely got our attention!  For $24.99 it’s not a bad belt to try out, right?



2. Brisk Run Headband – This is one item if Santa wants to get it, he better get on it!  It’s currently on FINAL SALE at Lululemon! Eeeee!! We still get our fair share of cold weather down here in Texas that we should own at least one of this….or two or three! You can never have too many colors! 🙂

3. Compete Every Day Hoodie – This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned CED on our blog and it probably won’t be the last time.  We love this Dallas based company – love what they stand for, their quality workout apparel and awesome customer service.  When they started advertising this hoodie we both immediately wanted it! Santa, we’ll take a small and a medium, please!


4. Point 6 Socks – These socks rock!  Beth had the opportunity to snag a free pair when she was shopping for her dad for some new socks for when he is active.  Definitely fell in love and the thin layer of wool in them really does help prevent blisters!  Great stocking stuffer right here!  This is also another company with fabulous customer service.


5. Daily Om Duffel – Sometimes you just need a new gym bag! Right? And right now Lululemon has the peeeerfect colors for the two of us! We are trying to figure out however why they named the Teal bag the color that they did instead of just using the awesome name of Teal!  Beth is still obsessed with grey since it was one of her wedding colors, so don’t you think we *need* these bags?! Haha


There are always a lot of things out there we’d love to try and test out ourselves, but then we probably wouldn’t have any money to enter any of the races we hope to run!  We also are in no way being compensated for this blog rather we simply wanted to share with YOU items that have caught our eyes!

What are you asking for this holiday season? Do you have a fellow runner you are buying for – what are you getting them?  We want to know!


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If you missed Take 1 or Take 2, well, there are the links for them! Now go catch up! 😉

And here we are rapidly approaching 6:00 p.m. and the start of it all!  The whole day really did go by quickly and then the last 15-20 minutes seemed to sa-loooooow down! Is it time now? ……What about now?

At a point I was told to not sit down because of how it did this or that to my dress. Ok, then can we just get started?

Then the nerves set in, and not cold feet nerves more than holy cow there are going to be a lot of people in that room watching. What if I fall? What if I lock my knees and pass out? Haha

Then all of a sudden my dad was walking me down the aisle. AND I DIDN’T BAWL MY EYES OUT! I definitely thought I was going to, but nope! Didn’t happen.

My youth pastor from growing up married us, and that was so special because I’ve known him since before I entered the youth group at 12 years old plus he’s just always been a big part of my life and my family.

Before we move on let’s once again remember how incredibly cuuute our flower girl and ring bearer were that day and just are in general!

One aspect of the wedding ceremony that I loved was having Bitner involved in it.  Remember him from some races with us? We’ve pretty much known each other for almost 10 years now and when I first met him in college I just loved him to death!  If I’m ever having a bad day he is always able to turn that around – he’s just so darn funny! But he read Love by Roy Croft for us except for the last line or two of it and he did a fabulous job!

We were pronounced husband & wife, the Bride was kissed and then we walked down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. Brent Holland. 🙂

The whole ceremony took a grand total of 20 minutes, and then it was take your traditional pictures while guests go enjoy a cocktail hour.  I love pictures so you may be getting way more than you wanted to see. 🙂

the color is a little weird in this one, but hanging out in the court room while the guests leave the ceremony room

with each of our sets of parents

who doesn’t love a goofy pic?

Then the reception started, and Brent & I had our first dance together to Everything by Michael Buble.  I am a HUGE Michael Buble fan so I do love this song, but this particular song was also kind of a joke between the two of us so it’s the only thing we have close to an “our song.”  After that Brent & I did manage to actually eat dinner with our wedding party at what I like to think of as the largest head table ever!

or have you seen larger?

Somewhere in the mix we had the Father/Daughter dance sung by one of my Dad & I’s favorite entertainers in Dallas, Pat Peterson. Sweet moments with my dad!

We cut cake, forgot to feed it to each other, but we DID feed each other cupcakes. Hooray! Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with my cake topper? It is actually Brent & I! I emailed one of my engagement pictures to Simply Silhouettes and this is what they sent back –

And then we all just danced! By now you know that our wedding favor was a pair of sunglasses with #BethBrentHitched on one side of them.  I love them!  I loved seeing them through an instagram photo on our Best Man’s little boy the next day!  A pair has been on vacation to Cabo already. So fun!

Have to include the green drink picture!  Green drink pictures have been a thing two of my best friends have been doing for about 7 years now.  Just one of those things that randomly develops and Teal joined the green drink club!  How fun that the green drink actually matches the wedding!

One thing I was excited about doing at our wedding was the Aggie War Hymn!! I am a fightin’ Texas Aggie and Brent is also a fightin’ Texas Aggie! WHOOP! 🙂  Let’s also go ahead and give another big WHOOOOOP for the Ags beatin’ the hell out of Alabama this past weekend! A-WHOOP! 🙂  Ok, I’ll stop now, but we got all the Aggies together and sang our war hymn.

Kind of love those photos! And my DJ actually got a video of a little bit of it as well!


 Again it was a really fun night and while the whole evening didn’t feel like it went by in five seconds it did still go by very fast! I loved it!  🙂

at some point I finally took off my heels and you can see just how short I am compared to Brent

I love this, so I’m sharing it with you! 🙂

And we are off!

Then we lived happily ever after! 😉

Sorry I’m wordy and  use lots of pictures.  It reminds me of what my youth pastor, Mike, said at the wedding with Brent you get 5 words and with Beth you get 500 words. Haha. Oops?

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Just kidding there are some pictures of my aunts and cousin from the Bridal Luncheon! Tada –

Aunt Leslie, Kate and Aunt Cindy

Saturday morning things got rolling early, but not the butt crack of dawn early. Those of us staying in the hotel met at the Starbucks attached to it so we could wake up and make sure the below photo happened for the day.

At the Bridal Luncheon the day before the Bridesmaids passed out hoodies they’d gotten and one of their rockstar Mom’s embroidered them all with our names, well, my mom’s said “Mother of the Bride” and they gave me a men’s button down shirt they’d had embroidered as well for me to wear while I got ready (as seen in our latest Wordless Wednesday). Absolutely loved the shirt for getting ready AND my hoodie!

We all got to Old Red Courthouse about 9:00 a.m. to start getting the place ready for the entire wedding and the hair & makeup ladies were arriving shortly after that to get started on all of us ladies! There were reception centerpieces to set out, mantles to be decorated (the reception room had two), place cards to be put in corks, etc.  So very grateful to each and everyone of the ladies and Bitner for their help with everything! I really and truly have the best friends in the world!



One of the BIG wedding craft projects that took a TON of time was to make these flutter curtains. I’m pretty sure the original idea came from pinterest, but linked me to this blog.  You see I needed sooomething to decorate these beams that would be above the area that Brent and I stand for the wedding.  When I found the flutter curtains I wanted to do them just modified as narrow and long curtains.  Teal, Kate, Rebekah (on the right in picture below), Mandy, Brent and myself together probably cut a couple thousand fabric circles for this project.

Trying to figure out hanging the curtains, but ultimately my dad, Bitner and my brother would do the hanging later that day

I can’t even tell you how many hours went into making those curtains, but a whole heck of a lot of them that is for sure!  I like to think that it really wasn’t that stressful of a day.  We got things put out in good time and eventually got to all hang around in the bridal suite area of Old Red to watch others get their hair and makeup done. My wedding coordinator, Bethany, handled all the other details and if a vendor was late arriving, I had no idea! We may or may not have broken into some of the wine/prosecco/champagne at this point (shhhh – don’t tell the venue that) and the Caramel Eileen cupcakes I had Trailercakes bring extra with the delivery of the groom’s cupcakes so we could partake in a tasty treat before the wedding.


And then my flower girl, Meranda, and my ringer bear and nephew, Wesley showed up it meant we were really getting closer to the wedding getting started! The Groom and his Groomsmen and Ushers were arriving and pictures were beginning to happen.  My wedding coordinator had the idea of taking the follow picture since Brent and I were waiting to see each other until the ceremony, and I love how it turned out and that the huge staircase at Old Red made it work.


There are more with him turned around and me facing the wall and a couple of me peeking over the railing trying to see him. 🙂 The venue really does create a lot of great pictures and they do still have a courtroom in it which is where the wedding party mainly hungout before the ceremony began and then after while we waited to go back in the ceremony room for pictures.  I just think that Wesley and Meranda were the cutest on my wedding day and here are a couple of pictures of them in the courtroom.


And I can’t leave out a picture of my littlest nephew, Easton! He looked absolutely adorable this day!  This picture is technically from after the ceremony, but I wanted to include it now. This is half my blog I can do what I want right? 🙂

My brother, Scott, Easton & me

I’ll leave you with one last picture of me with my ladies before we officially started the evening!


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For the two of us ladies the whole wedding weekend kind of kicked off Thursday afternoon! Teal rocks and took not only Friday off, but also Thursday to help me with last minute things.  Priorities first though we went that afternoon with my mom and sister, Kate, to get manicures & pedicures for the weekend.  The nail salon loved Kate, Teal and me because we all wanted the exact same colors on our fingers and toes, but it gave us more time to drink our wine since they only had one bottle of the green polish!

Green and gray to match the wedding colors!

Then the four of us were off to run a few errands.  Teal and I stopped by Target for wine and goldfish. 🙂 Y’all, these are essentials in our lives – haha! And then Teal very graciously continued to stick around and helped me do a mock of the cupcake table, pack up all those supplies in bins, get the place cards ready to go and really just get organized for the weekend.  Also, a big shout out to my sister too for all her input and helping me load up our cars that night to head to downtown Dallas Friday afternoon!

This is from Wednesday when my SIL, Tiffany, and littlest nephew, Easton, were over helping me with stuff. My sister & I’s house has been a wedding mess forever. Thanks for putting up with me and the wedding mess!

Friday my dad’s sisters and my one and only girl cousin threw me an awesome bridal luncheon! I’m sad because I don’t think I snapped a picture with just them at the luncheon. 😦  But should you read this Aunt Cindy, Aunt Leslie and Erin I am truly blessed by the 3 of you and lucky to have such wonderful women in my life I get to call family! It was so fun to just get to hangout with the ladies in my family and  my wedding party!

Mother of the Bride & Bride




My House Party dude! 🙂

I was fiiinally able to give my Bridesmaids their presents for being in my wedding.  One of the things I gave them in particular I was trying really hard to either keep it all or aspects of it a secret, but one of them ended up having to teach my mom and me how to make so she knew ALL about it.  My mom sewed clutch purses for all of my Bridesmaids (well and me, my MIL and herself – a lot of purses!) and I don’t really sew so the only contribution I was really able to make was being the fabric cutter.  Lots of hours went into these bad boys but thankfully we started pretty early on them and they were done well in advance of the wedding! I think they’re sooo cuute!  Thank you to my mom for generously giving up all of that time to work on these for me amongst other things!

One of the other things I got them and was really excited about was that OPI in the spring, I think, came out with a Holland collection (my future last name), so I was able to find a good deal on a set of the Holland collection nail polishes. Perfect timing, OPI!

Anyway, after that we all kind of went in separate directions until the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner that night. Brent and I both grew up in Dallas, but didn’t know each other so pretty much the whole weekend of events was in Dallas proper which seemed appropriate with both of us being born (same hospital just a couple years apart) and raised here.  The wedding venue had some fabulous views of the Dallas skyline, and my in-laws also picked out a wonderful rehearsal dinner venue with just as awesome views!

Bride & Father of the Bride ready to rehearse!

with my in-laws to be (the next day)

The rehearsal dinner was full of good food, lots of laughs and just fun time with family and close friends.  Brent & I are truly blessed by the not only amazing family we have but the true friends in our lives!  After dinner a lot of us headed to the hotel bar to have more time to just hangout before we called it a night.  Eventually Brent left to head to his house for the night  and most of the wedding party was staying at the hotel so when we were ready to call it a night we just went upstairs.  And let’s end this Friday night on a funny note – when Kate, Teal and I got to our floor and off the elevator we look to our left and what do we see?  Two men in their boxer briefs wrestling. Haha.

**Disclaimer: There are SO many people that graciously gave of their time and helped me out throughout the last year of my life if you weren’t specifically mentioned in this post please know that doesn’t mean I forgot about you or by any means am not completely indebted to you for your time you shared with me.**

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There are just really not many clever ways to make the title of these blog posts more exciting….anyway!

The Report:

1. Complete the Tyler Rose half marathon for our 3rd race in the 4 seasons challenge. It’s coming up October 7th!

F: We bailed on this race because we decided it was the best life choice at the time in terms of getting to goal number 3 in one piece. Not to mention the fact that it was Beth’s dad’s birthday and it would have been madness to run the race in Tyler and get back to Dallas. We decided that Texas doesn’t really have 4 seasons anyways. 🙂

2. Start marathon training!

C: Sorta? We have done some of our running and have for sure missed 2 long runs so we shall see how the rest of this month goes. We hope it won’t kill us too much as they were “shorter long runs”

3. Get Beth married!

A++: Done! She is now a Holland! Recap of the wedding coming shortly!

This picture cracks me up!

It really was an an incredible night! Oh, and check out that ring – he’s really my husband now! 🙂



The Goals:

Teal –

1. Get my house in order without losing it! I am too routine and orderly for this mess. See this madness…


2. Get my butt/mind in gear for marathon training. I feel so blah about it right now. It doesn’t feel right or like it is supposed to happen and I need to figure out how to get excited about it!

3.  Send out Christmas cards by the end of the month! We have only done this once and I want to make it a tradition.

4. Successfully host Thanksgiving at my house for the first time (ties to number 1 big time). Pressure is on for number 1 for sure!

Beth –

Please be shocked and amazed that I find myself in sync with Teal and have almost all the same goals for this month! 🙂

1. Get my house in order!  I didn’t get ALL of my stuff moved out of my sister’s house before the wedding and with wedding presents there are A LOT of boxes over at my new house with my husband. 🙂 🙂 We both don’t like messes so this is hard to look at right now until we get it all organized and into place.

2. Get in the game with marathon training!

3. Have all Christmas cards addressed and ready to be sent out by December 1st!  I’m so excited to send out Christmas cards this year! 🙂  I have them already to order, so this goal shouldn’t be too hard to tackle!

4. I’m bringing back my yoga goals, and in baby steps. Yoga once a week!  If I don’t start doing this I’m going to need to either cancel my membership or freeze it to save some moolah.

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