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This is something that I make all the time because it is super easy and I can eat it for lunch or dinner throughout the week. It’s a very easy way to get tons of veggies and protein during that day. You can easily add or change the veggies to your liking or even what you have left over in the refrigerator!

Here’s what you do (nothing is really exact because it doesn’t have to be!)

Cut 6 bell peppers in half (any color), take out the guts, and place in a glass baking pan.


Cover the bottom of the pan with water about a centimeter or so high- this keeps it from burning the bell peppers in the oven

Grill 1 pound ground beef, bison, or turkey in a pan.


When your meat is about half way browned add your veggies. I did a can of corn, black beans, and diced tomatoes. I also had left over rice with carrots and green beans in it so I added about a cup of that so it wouldn’t go to waste. Mix everything in. If you like spice, add salsa and green chili at the very end.



Stuff your peppers. Fill them as much you can! I always end up with extra meat and usually just make tacos with it the next day.


Place in the oven for 30 minutes on 375. If you like, you can add cheese to the tops during the last 5 minutes.

Nutrition facts :This is from entering the ingredients in myfitness pal and calculating for 6 servings- 1 full bell pepper each

Calories: 298

Fat: 5.9 grams

Carbs: 36.5grams

Do you make stuffed bell peppers? What do you different from this recipe?

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As you saw in my April goals #1 was to survive the BluePrint Cleanse. At the advice of my trainer and basically just myself and my sanity, I decided to do a more intense cleanse then I had done before. I can not afford the actual BluePrint Cleanse, where they actually send you everything made because it runs about $75 bucks a day plus shipping so, yea, I’m a teacher, that won’t work. I decided to just buy their book and buy the supplies. The total cost of everything, including a 3 day pre-cleanse and 3 day post-cleanse ran about $110 bucks. Not bad for 9 days worth of food!

The pre-cleanse is basically 3 days of preparing your body to deal with straight juice for 3 days. I know, and you probably do too that when we know we aren’t going to eat or we are going to be “cut off” of things then we cram food. Like maybe decide to eat the most fattening meal ever the night before, well, if you did that and went straight to juice you would die. I didn’t do that anyways but I still wanted to pre-cleanse. This was totally not bad and runs around 1100-1200 calories. I was still able to work out too!


Day 1: 2 pieces of fruit, gazpacho, veggies and hummus, veggie tacos (avocado and sprouted corn tortillas)

Day 2:  basically the same but instead of veggies you can have a larabar

Day3:  basically the same but for dinner you eat a big salad with tons of veggies

Prep for the actual cleanse is a little insane and this is where I do wish I had a money tree! Juicing is messy and I cut my finger on the stupid pineapple. I made my juices over two nights because honestly it took me forever. The juice will keep for the 3 days if you do it all at once!

Here is what you drink

1-     greens with apple

2-     watermelon

3-     greens with blueberry and apple

4-     pineapple and mint

5-     greens with apple

6-     milk drink (basically ground cashews, coconut oil, water)

Day 1: I started the actual cleanse on a Thursday and had to work. I teach so this made me extremely nervous. I even freaking spilled my green drink at my desk! I almost cried! Also I am essentially trapped in a room for hours at a time with very short breaks to actually go the bathroom. It really was not too bad though. I did have to go to the bathroom at least once an hour just due to the increase in liquids. But I mean nothing bad that I’m embarrassed to say 🙂 I chose the second level of cleansing because I have done cleanses before and figured I could handle it.

See the spill?

Day 2: This day really was the worst, I just really wanted to chew, but was not that hungry! I did not like the “milk” drink you take at night and couldn’t drink it. It’s made with ground cashews so instead of drinking it I just ate a handful. I don’t think I actually ruined anything with this but who knows – the chewing just might have saved me. I did have to take “smooth move” tea, because I really wasn’t going #2 haha! That worked out well!

Day 3– I actually really did feel awesome. I was full, my joints weren’t hurting, not even in my knees, and my eyes no longer really had bags under them! I felt really good and still do even today! I ended day 3 with my last green drink and right before bed ate some more cashews.

Honestly I was not hungry. I actually didn’t even want to drink all of the juice sometimes because I didn’t feel hungry. The drinks do not taste bad, the green one takes some getting used to, and if I actually liked coconut I would have liked the “milk.” At this point, I am not 100% sure how much weight I lost. On the second day I was down a full 5 from the last time I weighed right before, and today at the gym, 2 days after the cleanse is completely over, I was down 8 pounds total. Not bad, the weight is awesome, but I also for the first time just feel really good!

Just my advice:

–          Drink lots of water and green tea- so much so that you think you will pop

–          Buy smooth move tea – it doesn’t taste bad and works

–          Learn to love Apple Cider Vinegar and drink it if you are hungry (mix with a little honey and drink warm) it’s the least gross way!

–          Plan!! And don’t do this when you have to go places, its annoying to carry a cooler – I took one to school and it annoyed me with all the ice!

–          Your kitchen will be a holy mess, so if you are crazy like me learn to breathe!

Beware of weird questions! Liiike – What the hell is that? Is that gross? What are you doing? Why would you do that? That’s weird. (Oh and evil sideways stares at the grocery store because your buggy has far too many fruits and veggies)


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Well, we did it! 🙂  We survived our 10 day cleanse!  This was really Teal’s 3rd time doing the Advocare cleanse since as we mentioned before she is a distributor for it.  A few years back a teacher colleague recruited a bunch of people to participate in the cleanse and that’s ultimately where Teal got started with Advocare.  If you’d like to purchase any Advocare products you can through Teal’s website.


There is any additional Advocare product called Spark Energy Drink that is a recommended part of the cleanse that we left off.  As far as the pills and what not go with the cleanse it is broken up into 3 days, 4 days and 3 days.  You start your first 3 days by drinking a fiber drink each morning, take 4 to 6 of the OmegaPlex pills with your dinner and a packet of the Herbal Cleanse tablets at bedtime. For the next 4 days, wake up and take a packet of Probiotic Restore pills, take 4 to 6 OmegaPlex pills with your dinner and packet of Herbal Cleanse tablets at bedtime.  The last 3 days of the cleanse consist of the fiber drink in the morning, 4 to 6 OmegaPlex pills with your dinner and packet of the Herbal Cleanse tablets at bedtime.

Part of why we both wanted to do this cleanse was just to jumpstart back into eating right – you know kick off 2012 the right way!  It was kind of rough combination of coming off marathon training and then three weeks later Christmas where it’s too easy to eat and drink too much, so we were both ready for a fresh start.

A lot of people asked what are you allowed to eat on this cleanse?  Well, you are allowed to eat a lot of clean food!  You can eat fruits, veggies, proteins, and clean carbs.  So if you are a carboholic then there is a bit of a transition for you, but ultimately you eat in a way that you really should be eating regularly.  We both ate about 5 meals a day and here’s an example of the plan Teal mainly stuck with throughout:

Beth recruited two people she is around the most to also participate in the cleanse – her fiance, Brent and her sister, Kate.  It was definitely nice having other people who were doing the cleanse and to stay strong in not drinking and not eating anything that wasn’t on the list of approved food.  So when it came time to eat dinner with Brent’s family at Cheesecake Factory for his sister’s Birthday it was easier to stay strong in clean choices together than alone!

One thing to be said about the cleanse and working out – Advocare does recommend that you workout every day while participating in the cleanse but in your first five days you might want to keep from pushing yourself as hard as you would like because you might experience light headedness.  As your body adjusts to the difference in eating it will begin to adjust to your normal workout routine as well.

For Beth one aspect of the cleanse she really enjoyed was finding some healthy food options that are realistic to carry over past the cleanse.  One such item that can be prepared for the whole week would be chicken salad using chicken boiled in chicken broth with whatever seasoning you’d like, bell pepper, celery and Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil (reduced fat).

Overall, all four of us that participated in the cleanse feel better and it doesn’t hurt that all of us combined together lost a total of 32.5 pounds!  Teal dropped 5.5 pounds and Beth dropped 9 pounds.  Thanks to Kate and Brent for participating too and hope that the 9 pound drop each was well worth those ten days!  The cleanse is recommended every 90 days so in April you might hear about us cleansing again! 🙂

Have you done a cleanse before?  What keeps you going  back to cleansing? Or what keeps you from participating in a cleanse?

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