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We are suppose to have monthly goals?  Are the two of us slackers because we have only set goals for the year of 2011?  As we have made the switch from August to September I have seen quite a few of our fellow runners posting about how they did with their August goals and what their new goals for September will be.  Do the two of us have blatant goals set forth for this brand new month? – No, not exactly….

Our goals for this year in my eyes are as follows:

1. Run a race every month

2. Run a marathon

3. Raise money in honor of Cindy Marshall-Death (Team Cindy)

So far we have succeeded in completing 8 out of 12 months of races and after this weekend 9 months!  September we actually have 3 different race weekends. We’ll be posting our pre-race blog for tthis weekend so let’s just go ahead and skip over the Disneyland Half for now.  Next up this month we will be running one of our favorite races – Tour des Fluers and the weekend after that for the first time we will be participating in the Heroes for Children 5k at the Shops at Legacy.  This race is for such a GREAT cause!  The HFC 5k committee is just barely behind their goals for the 7th annual run – we are still short a few teams and behind a little with our fundraising goal – if you can help please visit the site here.

The new and, to steal a word from Courtney (@CisforCourtney), nerve-citing thing for this month for us is going further than we ever have mileage-wise!  Essentially the last few weeks of our half marathon training has also been the start over our marathon training.  This month we’ll find ourselves running 15 and 17 miles.  So yah, a nerve-citing time for us!

Our last goal is the one we are falling behind in – we are not even quite half way to our fundraising goal and we have LESS than 2 months to get the rest of our $1,200 (a $100 for each month) raised.  We’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio half proudly wearing Team Cindy shirts in honor of a great women who passed away in March of 2010.  Please read her story and if you feel compelled to donate we would be forever grateful to you for the support of Team Cindy and the two of us as Life is a Run!  Donations can be made here.

And to completely change subjects we’ll leave you with a music video of one of the songs currently on one of our running playlists! 🙂

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