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If you look back at the breakfast post then you will know how to make it to the 3rd meal of the day. We will combine the 3rd and 4th meal of the day together because that just makes it a little easier to understand.

What you would need to take from Advocare:

Advocare Products used during this time are both optional. Let me repeat: Advocare Products used during this time are both OPTIONAL. If you want to take something  you would take up to 3 catalyst 30 minutes before lunch.  You could also take a spark drink with lunch or with your after lunch snack. Both optional, but we wanted you to know you have that choice. Some people also take up to 2 Omegaplex, take either here or at dinner. That is up to you and will not mess you up if you alternate or switch.

advo catalyst

Lunch Food options:

Choose 1 protein from this list: Grilled chicken, salmon, tuna, turkey (not processed), 3 eggs or lean ground beef

Choose 1 complex carb from this list: ½ cup of brown rice, sweet potato, or brown or whole wheat pasta

Choose as many veggies as you would like: Anything green is your first option and yes avocado is ok. Lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, asparagus, spinach, cucumber or celery. Also tomatoes and onions are OK.

*If making a salad use salsa or fresh lemon and lime.

Afternoon Snack:  Choose 1 thing from below

1 cup of fruit (same list from breakfast)

Serving of nuts (same list from breakfast)

1 Rice cake and peanut butter

Raw veggies (as much as you want)

Things to avoid:

Alcohol (You’re on the Cleanse – hold off for 10 days!)

Coffee, Sodas, Energy Drinks (only drink Spark or Slam)

White foods/Starches (e.g. white pasta, bagels, white bread, white rice, processed foods, crackers and chips)


Cooking with Oils (it is best to cook with Water or Broth)

Sugar, Honey, Desserts- (except for fresh fruits – these are good sugars on the 10-day Cleanse)

Cheese & Mushrooms (both are “molds” and will help keep toxins alive)

If at all possible, avoid Dairy Products (cow’s milk, yogurt, butter, etc…dairy products contain lots of sugars and will feed the toxins)

Fatty Foods, Fried Foods, Fast Foods, Meat with skin or breading

Salad dressings (due to the fat and oil content – use Salsa or fresh squeezed lemon juice and spices instead)

Canned fruit or vegetables

Dried fruit coated with sugar

Instant rice or oatmeal (cook the real deal)

Things we have eaten:

Amazeballs a.k.a. Clean Eating Meatballs

meatballs 8 (2)

Southwest Quinoa Salad

camera pics 2169

Vegetable Tuna Salad

photo 242

Chicken Taco Meat Salad

actually ate it without quinoa most of the week, but that is something you can put in this salad for sure!

Green Chili & Vegetable Soup


Stuff Bell Peppers


• Tosca Reno’s Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

photo 118


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These things are seriously AMAZING. I don’t know about you but every time I have ever tried to make meatballs on the stove I have ruined them. I typically burn the outside and the inside is raw, or they fall apart or are just gross. PLUS, you really can’t make that many at the same time. It had never occurred to be to bake them. This recipe is a super easy baked meatball recipe that literally might change my eating life! OK, that’s dramatic but…. I figured this would be horrible and it turned out to be the easiest thing ever. Little mess, no half burnt/half raw balls of meat and it makes a ton. I ate these things for a week.

What you need:

2.5 lbs of lean ground turkey, beef or chicken (just use what you like, although the calorie count below would change)

1 (16oz) package frozen spinach (or whatever else you would want you could probably use kale too)

1 cup of onion (I used red)

¾ cup bread crumbs ( I used gluten free)

2 eggs

1 garlic clove

Sea salt and pepper – I used about a tsp. of each

2 tbsp. Worcestershire, or soy sauce, or A1, or BBQ (I used Worcestershire but all will work)

½ tsp. each of thyme, oregano, crushed red pepper

1/3 cup Chicken broth

Olive oil

How to:

1.       Preheat the oven to 400.

2.       Heat olive oil in the pan and add all spices and the onion. Sautee until the onions are tender

meatballs 2 (2)

3.       Add Worcestershire sauce, chicken broth, and spinach. Cook down until there is very little liquid left in the pan

4.       Meanwhile, mix meat, bread crumbs and egg in a bowl

meatballs 4 (2)

5.       Add the spinach mixture to meat mixture and mix together

meatballs 5 (2)

6.       Using a ¼ c measuring cup section out the meat to ball and place on a greased pan. They don’t expand much so they can be pretty close. I had 20 on a pan. Ball out until mixture is gone

meatballs 6 (2)

7.       Place in the oven for 20 minutes

8.       Voila! I served mine over quinoa and added marinara

meatballs 8 (2)

My fitness pal nutrition facts (calories are per ball, based on 38 total made)

Calories: 48.7

Fat: 1.2g

Carbs: 1.1g

Protein 8.1g

For a printable version of this recipe please click HERE.

**Advocare Note: If you make this recipe during your 10 day cleanse you’ll need to count that as your one carb for the day!!**

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