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Pretty much every Thursday night since January 25, 2007 I’ve spent that week night hanging out with the same man. Last night we returned to the scene of our first date at BJ’s Brew House in Lewisville…

an actual picture from the night we met

But first we have got to back up just a little bit! Right now I’m in the middle of a self imposed yoga deadline. Ha I have to complete 150 yoga classes by October 31st and as of this morning I am at 148. 🙂 With that being said I informed Brent that I HAD to go to yoga after work before I could head over to his house for our usual Thursday night. Brent has been off from work all week doing projects around his house and making sure none of the vacation time he has saved up gets wasted, so when he told me he wanted us to go sit down and eat dinner I didn’t really think anything of it. Plus we had done a lot of grabbing to go food and eating at home lately, so it really all made perfect sense to me. I was also completely clueless when my awesome sister was trying to encourage me to repaint my finger nails Wednesday night, and I fully intended too but then sleep sounded way better. 🙂
When we started driving to BJ’s I was so confused because I thought that this other location was closer and made more sense to go to, but Brent just said “I thought we’d return to our old stomping grounds.” (The first few years of our relationship he lived in Lewisville hence that comment) We make to the restaurant and just as we are getting out of the car the rain picks up. Ha I take off running to the front door, and we find that it is completely packed. We ate dinner in the bar with the big screen TV on the Rangers game. At this point it’s the 4th inning and the game is so awesome I keep asking why we are leaving to go home and watch the rest. Once the 4th innning is over we take off, but don’t worry I insisted that we stop at Tom Thumb on the way home because I NEED to make some brownies for this weekend! We run the errand and make it back and I walk through the garage door to the kitchen first and immediately stop in my tracks. What is happening? There are candles, rose petals, roses and champagne….OH MY GOSH!!! I turn around and Brent is down on one knee asking me if I’ll marry him. I say “OH MY GOSH” at least five more times before finally telling him yes!

Us at the Rangers game in 2009 when Kinsler hit for a cycle (thought it was appropriate since they played last night)

We have some champagne and Brent tells me I should probably go ahead and call my mom to let her know. Since I’d already been texting her to let her know that Tom Thumb had the brownie mix we use for a cupcake recipe buy 1 get 1 free. 🙂 And from there begins the slew of text messages and phone calls. Somewhere in the middle of that he tells me the couple lies he had to tell me in the past week. The moments I had him worried like when I told him there was Thursday night coming up we wouldn’t be able to hangout because I had a White Rock Marathon Happy Hour I helped plan and needed to attend. Haha And to top everything else off, Brent and I had planned for months to go to College Station this weekend to see A&M play Mizzou, so we get to see a bunch of our friends!!

New Years Eve 2009

For those of you that do not know the Beth & Brent history – We both were born & raised here in Dallas. At one point when I was under the age of 6 years old we lived maybe five minutes away from each other. We both attended Texas A&M and made it out of there without ever meeting each other but have since learned of mutual friends and connections that we had there. And we both just happened to be in the same bar at the same time on January 19, 2007 and the rest is history!

We had just finished running the Dash Down Greenville 5k & changed into regular clothes for the St. Patty's Day Parade in 2008

I am sad that this weekend Teal won’t be down in College Station with me, but don’t worry Teal on a stick will be!! 🙂
I can’t get my work computer to upload pictures from my camera right now so I’ll add a few from last night in a bit if you want to check back! 🙂



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