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So this Saturday brings our only true October race even though it feels like this has been one of the hardest running months thus far. We are in the midst of true marathon training as you know but we really wanted to take this chance to participate in a race that really means something to us! We will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure tomorrow at North Park Mall. We are especially excited about this chance to participate in another Komen race, because as you know, this cause has become near and dear to our hearts given our efforts to raise money in honor of Team Cindy and others like her.


We will set out in the morning and will actually be participating on the Creekview Cheer Team this year. As you might know Teal works for Carrollton Farmers Branch and her friend Cynthia, who you have probably read about before is a cheer coach at Creekview. They are a service squad, as opposed to competitive squad, and they were able to raise money for breastcancer awareness so we are glad to be able to support them in their efforts to do just what we hope to do too!


We are very excited to run this race and have heard much about the amazing atmosphere! If you haven’t already you should really check out the website for this race and the cause. We understand now the importance of early detection and awareness and the website is a catch all for anything and everything you would ever want to know about breast cancer.  In Cindy’s case when she finally went to see a doctor her breast cancer was at Stage 4.  No matter how scary a feeling something abnormal in your body may be – simply ignoring it won’t make it go away!




Cindy & her daughters, Julie & Cynthia in March 2009

We will be running this race with a picture of Cindy and for the first time we do not have true goals. We want to run and take in everything that we see. Teal ran this race about 10 years ago and just remembers being in awe of what is present at the race so it is really something to take in. We will also be doing our long training run on Sunday morning which this week should feel like an easy peasy 13 miles, right?? 🙂 





Enjoy the race and take in the atmosphere



Morning – 65*

Rain- 0%

Wind- 10mph



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